- Mitzi J. Johnson

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This movie was filmed in Seattle, Wa, and frankly, that is the best thing about this film. Seattle is such a beautiful city and it looks fab on camera. JENNIFER ANISTON's wardrobe is the second best thing about this film...after that, hmmm, comment. Read More

The main reason to see this is of course, JIM CARREY. He is funny and that is all there is to it. "YES MAN" is based on a memoir by DANNY WALLACE. I had never heard of it. No matter, the story is pretty simple. Read More

The music is fab. The costumes are brilliant. The script, really funny and at some times hilarious. The attention to detail of that period is right on. I love the STAR WARS references as, I was a fan. Does that make me a Geek? Hmmm. Read More

Gran Torino
This is a good movie. I loved CLINT EASTWOOD. He cast himself perfectly. He has got that tough, manly man thing going on but you know deep inside is hidden a beautiful softness. The kids are great, too. I had never seen them in anything before but they were well cast. There were funny moments, sad moments and very tense moments. The acting is really complex and Mr. Eastwood is such a wonder to watch. Read More

Coco Chanel
I have to say that yes, I wear Chanel 5 and wear it well. The red lipstick ain't bad, either. So, when I saw there was a film about the fab lady who created one of the best perfumes ever, well, I just had to watch it. Read More

This film was based on the best-selling book by SUSAN MINOT. I did not read the book. NATASHA RICHARDSON and TONI COLLETTE play the daughters of VANESSA REDGRAVE's character, who is in bed and very ill. The film flashes back and forth between the past and the present. Besides, these three amazing actresses, you have MERYL STREEP, GLENN CLOSE, CLARE DANES and PATRICK WILSON. So, basically choc' full o' great actors. Read More

So, there is this really cute and very young skater boy who is depressed because he got involved in an accidental murder. He writes about it and reveals the story through his eyes. Set in Portland, who doesn't love that? Great sequences of skate boarding with fab sound effects. Beautiful photography. Read More

Kate, Leonardo and Kathy Bates were all aboard that mega-hit TITANIC many years ago. Together again, but no way are they the same. SAM MENDES (AMERICAN BEAUTY) directs his wife KATE WINSLET in this film based on the book by RICHARD YATES. I have not read the book, so I didn't know anything about the film when I saw it, other than Kate and Leo were in it. Read More

Frost / Nixon
I have to say that I really, really, really liked this film. I am a bit shocked to see how many times it was nominated for awards and didn't win one, not a one. Read More

I was very sad to hear 'bout Mr. Ledger's untimely death. He was a very talented actor, a great loss to the world of movies. I have to admit it was a bit creepy to watch this film, knowing he died while they were still making it. He is really one of the main reasons to see this film. Read More

It was remarkable. I don't even know f I have the words to describe the range of emotions I felt. It begins with some very famous rock stars talking 'bout the band and then it goes into "their" story, and what a story. Read More

Boy, what a weird film, is what I gotta say! If you have not seen it, you really should. FAYE DUNAWAY is the FAB and SUPER HIP Fashion photographer, LAURA MARS. Read More

The script which is based on a book, I think, is wonderfully adapted. Now, I didn't read the book, but watching the film made me wish I had. So, this young, handsome man gets involved with this aristocratic family when he meets the son at OXFORD. He is introduced to the interior of their world and estate and is forever changed by the experience. EMMA THOMPSON plays the cold, rich mommy and MICHAEL GAMBON is the lustful daddy living abroad in VENICE. Read More

I saw FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS, starring JOHNNY D. and BENICIO, along with everyone else. I loved it, along with everyone else. Sadly, that is all I ever knew 'bout the fascinating person that was HUNTER S. THOMPSON. JOHNNY D. narrates and looks fab as per usual. There are also a lot of scenes from his performance of the famous man. I thought this doc was fantastic. Read More

Bad, yucky and lame are the words that first come to my mind as I think of this lousy re-make of the brilliant film with NORMA SHEARER and JOAN CRAWFORD. Why, I ask? Why mess with something that is perfect? Read More

You got a very cute little boy named, Carlitos, brilliantly played by ADRIAN ALONSO who crosses the border to search for his Mom. She is in LOS ANGELES working and doesn't know he is coming. It is quite an amazing and sad journey for this little boy who has nothing to go back to and must keep on in spite of some really dangerous and scary circumstances and people. Read More

Well, the title of this film speaks for itself. You got ZOMBIE STRIPPERS!! Need I say more? I didn't really get what happened in the beginning there was a lot going on and I got distracted. Something to do with the government and of course some deadly virus gets out of control. An escape zombie ends up at a strip club and well, the rest, is the movie, of course. JENNA JAMESON is simply, FIERCE as the "star" dancer who turns zombie. Read More

Soooo, you got two very funny ladies from SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and you got a semi-funny script. You also got SIGOURNEY WEAVER (ALIENS) as a supporting character. You'd think this film would be super brill, alas, it 'tis not. Read More

I have to admit that this is one of my fave comedies of the year. I was very, pleasantly surprised, I was thinkin' it was just gonna be another one of those very cute and slightly funny romantic comedies. Read More

The main reason that this show gets a MAGICAL CANDY CANE award is that it made my brother and me so happy. We loved this show. Read More

My first ever MAGICAL CANDY CANE AWARD goes to this film 'cuz it is the BEST Christmas movie ever!!! It is my all time fave holiday treat and I watch it every year. If you have not seen it, promise me that this Christmas you will. You won't be sorry. Read More

I am a fan of CHRISTINA RICCI's movies. She is one of my fave actresses and I usually always enjoy her work. Mr. Cutie Pie, JAMES MCAVOY (ATONEMENT) is in this and is very cute, as to be expected. Read More

The Bank Job
I will just say right off the bat that I dug this film. I mean, really, who just doesn't adore a story 'bout a real life bank robbery? Apparently, this film is based on a true story. A British Bank was robbed in 1971. Read More

Well, hmmm, how can I say this without being rude? Dunno. I was a bit disappointed. I loved the RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, loved it and always will. I think they have been trying to recapture the glory of that amazing film and I think we, as audience members want them to do so. Why, is that? Are we afraid to move on and fall in love with another character or is it that we just can't stand change? Read More

I was quite impressed with this film. I do not watch a lot of children's films, so, when this came recommended to me I was like, okay, I will check it out but it will probably be mediocre. Fortunately, I was wrong. It does have a few slow moments. It wasn't that cheesy, though there are bits of cheese sprinkled here and there, but not enough to make one groan. Read More

You got a nerdy but cute MIT undergrad trying to get into HARVARD MED but he doesn't have the money. One of his Professors, played by KEVIN SPACEY (one of my fave actors), teaches him how to make the money by taking him to VEGAS every weekend. KATE BOSWORTH (SUPERMAN RETURNS) is in it and is good, the scenes in VEGAS are fab. LAURENCE FISHBURNE (BOYZ IN THE HOOD) is in it. Who doesn't love him? SO, you ask what is the prob? Read More

Well, I liked this movie and I didn't like this movie. Let's talk about the good stuff first, shall we? I loved that it was filmed in BRUGES. I have been to BELGIUM and wanted to go to BRUGES, but no one else in my traveling party wanted to go, so we didn't. However, I did have the BEST CHOCOLATE I have ever tasted in BRUSSELS. Anyhoo, I thought the cinematography and the sound were brill. Read More

Um, this movie sucks. I don't know what else to say. It is not worth the time. The first prob I had with it was that I discovered it was a sequel. In small letters under the title it says REST STOP 2. That pissed me off. Read More

So, it has taken me an entire year to muster the courage to watch SAW 2. The first one was so scary, every time I thought 'bout getting it, a creepy chill would run up my spine. I know that SAW 5 just came out and that I am way behind, but give a girl a break. Read More

So, CUTE is the word that best describes this film. RYAN REYNOLDS (WAITING) is CUTE. The little girl who plays his daughter is CUTE. The script is CUTE. The outfits are CUTE. The women in his life are all CUTE, RACHEL WEISZ (THE CONSTANT GARDNER) is more gorgeous than cute but well....., you get my drift. Read More

It is a BLACK COMEDY, so do not watch if you are expecting a cuddly, sweetsie film 'bout dogs. Basically, this woman, wonderfully played by MOLLY SHANNON (SUPERSTAR) has a dog that she loves a lot and then something happens to him and things get a bit out of control. Read More

The film is based on a book that I haven't read and is set in THAILAND. Who doesn't love THAILAND?? LEONARDO plays a young AMERICAN tourist who meets this creepy druggie guy, who tells him 'bout this SECRET BEACH. Read More

Well, I just loved this film. I did not see it when it came out, but I did watch it a few years ago and I really didn't get into it. I guess I just hadn't had the life experience, yet to fully comprehend it or to understand it's subtle humor. Read More

So, check this out! You've got 20 five-minute films 'bout different districts in PARIS all directed by different directors, written by different writers and performed by different actors. Pretty cool, huh? Just call it a smorgasbord of fine film making set in one of the most fab cities in the world. Read More

I have to admit I have a bit of a crush on MICKEY ROURKE(9 1/2 WEEKS) and I just want to get it out there. You never know. So, the story focuses on the relationship between ROURKE and his cousin brilliantly played by ERIC ROBERTS(JULIA'S BRO). His cousin gets him involved in a horse betting scam and it all goes wrong. DARRYL HANNAH(SPLASH) plays ROURKE'S girlfriend and GERALDINE PAGE(SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH) is amazing as per usual. Read More

Okay, no this is not the CHRIS FARLEY and DANA CARVEY movie. Just wanna get that outta the way. I was delighted when this friend of mine Tom (not his real name) told me he had been to the film festival last year and that this film stood out as one of the best. He told me it was 'bout VAMPIRE ZOMBIE SHEEP! I squealed with delight. Two things I love lots and lots. HORROR films and SHEEP. Read More

I see the words "STOP-MOTION" and I am hooked. When I was a teenager one of my friend's brothers was an artist who did "STOP-MOTION" stuff and he took us to his studio. It was one of the coolest places I have ever been and will never forget. Miniature stuff, who just doesn't love that. If you have never been to MINIATURE WORLD in VANCOUVER, B.C. well, I insist you check it out someday. Sooooo, basically what I'm a gettin' at is, I think "STOP-MOTION" movies are cool and so, I watched it. I am tres glad I did. Read More

So, I was having coffee one day with a friend of mine who had just returned from spending six months in France. She said that the people in FRANCE love WILL SMITH so tres, tres much. How interesting, huh? Well, I have always enjoyed his work, but frankly never so much , till this film. It is simply, A VERY GOOD MOVIE! I was not expecting it to be this good.
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Well, stunning, fantastic, thought-provoking are words that I would choose to describe this series. I knew nothing 'bout JOHN ADAMS, other than he was the second Pres of the US, he was old, and he had a good wife named Abigail. So much for my history lessons. Leave it to HBO to get you interested in something that you would normally care less 'bout.
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Well, the main thing I have to say 'bout this film is that it was WAY TOO FRIGGIN LONG!!! Don't ya know that if you cut out the bad parts you can save money and make a better film. But, hey, whadda I know? I am just a writer. So, JLO was okay. I liked her costumes, make-up and accent work. She gave some depth to a character that was badly written. She plays the wife of HECTOR LAVOE who was a PUERTO RICAN SALSA singer. He died from AIDS in 1993. MARC ANTHONY plays HECTOR. He was okay.
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Good Luck Chuck
The prob I had with this was that they took the mating rituals of PENGUINS and humans and mixed them together!! GROSS! If some guy came onto me like a PENGUIN, I am sorry, but he would be dust.
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There are two reasons to see this film. One if you read the book. Two for NATALIE PORTMAN. The story is based on the true story of HENRY THE 8th and ANNE BOLEYN his second wife. Apparently, there was a sister to ANNE who is in the history books but we have never heard of, of course until the book came out. SCARLETT JOHANSSON plays the sister.
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The Lady Vanishes
So, this film is an early one by one of the greatest of the greats! I hadn't seen this one, so, what a treat is all I have to say. But, no, wait, I have to say more 'cuz this is my job. Well, that Mr. HITCHCOCK is known and loved for his razor-sharp wit. This film really shows you how subtlety funny he is. He is a master(I like to think of him as a spider) of drawing you into his world(web) and keeps you there till he is done with you.
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Away From Her
I got this movie 'cuz I saw that JULIE CHRISTIE was nominated for a bunch of awards for her performance of a woman who suffers from Alzheimer's disease. She should have won the ACADEMY AWARD for this. TILDA SWINTON was good, but not this good. JULIE CHRISTIE plays a woman who develops the disease and begins to lose her memory.
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Don't Look Now
Aloha! I'm writing from MAUI where I am hanging out with MATTHEW FOX, from LOST. We like having virgin PINA COLADAS on the beach at sunset. I look fab in my new bikini. He is tan. I know he's married, but WHATEVER!!
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This is Spinal Tap
Actually, that's what you are seeing when you watch this film. COMIC GENIUS, plain and simple. Yes that is PAUL SHORTINO as DUKE FAME. It is basically a satirical documentary on the band SPINAL TAP, which has had their time of glory. I can't say much more than....if you don't watch this film, I really don't think we can be friends.
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Michael Clayton
GEORGE CLOONEY plays a burned out corporate lawyer when his colleague played by TOM WILKINSON loses it or does he? And so the Thriller begins. GEORGE CLOONEY is by far one of the handsomest men alive and he can act, too. I love watching him and he has the depth, charm and detachment needed to pull this role off. TILDA SWINTON is a trip, obviously a good performance, she won the ACADEMY AWARD.
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JAVIER BARDEM with the freaky haircut, I'm beginning to recall the reason why it was in my queue. I keep watching, but the film is beyond good, so I look at the envelope to see who is directing this 'cuz it is better than most films I have seen. And there it is JOEL AND ETHAN COEN, ACADEMY AWARD BEST PICTURE, etc. Need I say more?
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Okay, so I see this film for three reasons: It was rated one of the best films of the year on some internet site, a friend told me it was pretty good, and JOSH DUHAMEL of LAS VEGAS fame is in it. Well, I don't know if it was one of the best films of the year.
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Well, I was quite surprised by this film. I am a HORROR movie buff and this film was recommended to me during HALLOWEEN. I didn't watch it. I remember it looked interesting when it came out, because who doesn't love an EXORCISM movie, but I still didn't see it. It took LAURA LINNEY to actually get me to see this. She is a wonderful actress and in this film she really gets to show us her acting chops. Her intelligence is dazzling.
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Well, I had a gig a few months ago and I had to do a little thing with one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen. We had a moment, if you know what I mean, perhaps a few. Anyway, the gorgeous man, whom I will probably never see again, is a cop. So, I decided to check out some cop movies and such to help ease the pain of the end of our brief encounter. Read More

My one complaint about this film is that I did not see it on the big screen. My instincts told me to, but, I sadly, ignored them. Lesson learned. The special effects are amazing! Considering the story is based on a ride at DISNEYLAND, it is pretty interesting and slightly corny in only a way PIRATES can be corny. Who doesn't love PIRATES? Read More

Factory Girl
I think this movie is worth seeing for three reasons and three reasons only. 1. The story is interesting. 2. SIENNA MILLER does a great job at playing a drug addict. 3. GUY PEARCE is super creepy as ANDY WARHOL (it's like watching a horror film). The rest is pretty lame. More

Miss Potter
Well, this is not one of the best films ever, but it is one of the best films of 2007. I really think it should be seen by all. I, of course, knew of Beatrix Potter and, of course, knew about Peter Rabbit, and that's 'bout it. I did not know what an amazing woman she was and how she was quite an artist, visionary and conservationist. More

The Village
Well, I just loved this film. It is creepy, thought-provoking, visually stunning and well acted. WILLIAM HURT is just marvelous!! I haven't seen him in a film for a quite awhile. He has such a great voice. Good to see SIGOURNEY WEAVER as always! More

American Dreamz
This film pleasantly surprised me. I had heard nothing about it. I started watching it and found that it was pretty twisted. Basically, it is a satire on the whole AMERICAN IDOL thing, which I have never seen. It is also poking fun of the whole world, especially, Americans and human nature. I thought HUGH GRANT gave a witty and quite truthful performance. MANDY MOORE was perfectly cast and JENNIFER COOLIDGE was wonderful, as per usual. More

SEAN COOK said this was all improvised. He is really funny. Now I know you are thinking that I have a crush on him or that we had something going on, but no. Ours is a relationship based purely on respect and admiration. Amazing, but true. Well, I must go....I will be viewing Marin Real Estate this week and need to get packing. More

But no, a terrible movie was made. BEN AFFLECK , who I normally really like, was just bad. The script was pretty pathetic and even if MERYL STREEP or ANTHONY HOPKINS were in this it would suck. However, MERYL and ANTHONY would not have appeared in this film, so, there you have it. What is GEORGE CARLIN doing in this film? JLO was so bad it was hard to watch. LIV TYLER was as bland as a piece of dry bread from the food bank. More

I am a fan of JAMES BOND films. SEAN CONNERY is my fave of all, of course. I like PIERCE BRONSON and TIMOTHY DALTON, though most people I talk to think I am an idiot. ROGER MOORE has got that 70's swinger vibe. But not one of them looks better coming out of the ocean in bathing trunks than MR. CRAIG. More

Well, my mother loves CANADA, so, when I was reading in the book that I HEARD THE MERMAIDS SINGING was one of the best films directed by a woman and that it was CANADIAN, I made the decision to check it out. Boy, or should I say Girl? Am I glad I did? The script is good and a bit unusual. The acting is wonderful. More

So, what do you get when you put Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, and Alec Baldwin in a movie directed by Martin Scorsese?? A fab, delicious, bloody, thrilling macho extravaganza!! I loved every minute of it. I loved it a second time. And I have to say that in all of 2006 it was the only movie I found worthy of watching twice. More