Mitzi @ the Movies

- Mitzi J. Johnson

Greetings, greetings!! I am over my horrid cold and feeling excited 'bout life. I have my visualization board up (if you have not seen THE SECRET, please do, or you will never be able to understand me). I have a few New Year's resolutions. I am not going to tell you any of them, cuz' really, it is none of your business. I have a new calendar, which I adore!! I am going to get a haircut next week. My editor did not give me a raise or a vacation in Cabo, or a company car, or cell phone. I would like a lap-top, pretty please. This the second part of the homage to the CHICK FLICK. This one should be a bit easier for men to swallow. They seem to relate to drug addicts; so, this one is 'bout a drug addict. Yes, a girl drug addict. It's a true story, too.


Rated UR

Length: 100 min.

Director: GEORGE HICKENLOOPER (what kind of name is that? BIZARRE!!!)

Cast: SIENNA MILLER, GUY PEARCE, HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN, JIMMY FALLON (don't really know why he was cast in this film), MENA SUVARI, MARY-KATE OLSEN (yes, that is her and boy, she is just brilliant!! I kid, I kid. Honestly, one of the worst performances ever, and she is only on for 3 seconds.)

Genre: Drama


I think this movie is worth seeing for three reasons and three reasons only. 1. The story is interesting. 2. SIENNA MILLER does a great job at playing a drug addict. 3. GUY PEARCE is super creepy as ANDY WARHOL (it's like watching a horror film). The rest is pretty lame. When HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN came on the screen, I was like, hmm, where have I seen him before. He is cute. Then the bad acting began, Oh, yes, I remember it's ANAKIN SKYWALKER. DEAR GOD! That's all I have to say 'bout that. JIMMY FALLON is just bad. Horribly miscast. You keep thinking he is going to break character and be funny. It never happens. UGH!!! MENA SUVARI, who is usually wonderful, was really lame. Her haircut was sad. Really sad. I don't care if she was playing some real life person with bad hair. Cast some else who looks okay with bad hair! PLEASE! All I could think 'bout when she was in a scene was how bad her hair was and how I wish someone would do something. But that wish never came true. I wanted this movie to be better than it was and it just wasn't.


Miss Mitzi