Mitzi @ the Movies

- Mitzi J. Johnson

Hello, hello, is there anybody out there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anybody there? You know when I was a young girl I liked to go crawdad fishing. Have you ever been? You get some raw bacon and head down to a creek with some string. It's fun. Try it sometime. I don't really know why that came to mind. I guess I was just channeling something from my past. Hmmm. Okay, so my intro is short and sweet. Here's the review.



Length: 143 minutes

Director: Michael Bay

Cast: JOSH DUHAMEL, JON VOIGHT, JOHN TURTURRO, a bunch of other people I had never seen before, SHIA LA BEOUF(who I have never seen, but he is worth mentioning, cuz he is kind of the star), and some pretty cool ROBOTS.

Genres: Sci-fi Fantasy

Awards: 2008 RAZZLE AWARDS: Worst Supporting Actor nominee: Jon Voight

Orig Release Date: 2007

Okay, so I see this film for three reasons: It was rated one of the best films of the year on some internet site, a friend told me it was pretty good, and JOSH DUHAMEL of LAS VEGAS fame is in it. Well, I don't know if it was one of the best films of the year. I thought it was worth seeing, definitely. THE SPECIAL EFFECTS ARE FANTASTIC!!!!! So, basically you have some superior species from CYBERTRON that transform into giant ROBOTS and they get in fights and stuff. The story is basic and at some points just lame. It is a little long and you don't really care that much about the people or what happens to them. JOSH DUHAMEL isn't as hot as he is in LAS VEGAS. His character is badly written. JOHN TURTURRO has some funny moments. The kid with the weird FRENCH name is believable. JON VOIGHT was okay. If you really want to see a trippy film with JON VOIGHT, check out DELIVERANCE. He is amazing in it. BURT REYOLDS and some other really good actor, whose name I can't think of is in it. It is sooo creepy and strange and quite shocking. K, now where was I? Oh, yes, TRANSFORMERS. The real reason to see this film is for the TRANSFORMERS, themselves. I was oooohing and ahhhing as they went from a car into a huge monster things and such. Their voices were cool and the sound effects really should have won an ACADEMY AWARD. It made you wish a little bit that ROBOTS were real.
That's all folks!