Mitzi @ the Movies


- Mitzi J. Johnson

I am a huge HORROR film fan. Few people, besides my friend STEVE, know this about me. As a child I enjoyed hanging out in cemeteries and reading EDGAR ALLEN POE. In college I took a HORROR film class and fell in love with the GERMAN EXPRESSIONISTS. I remember one HALLOWEEN, I was living in LA and my friends wanted me to go out, but I chose to go alone to a creepy little old-time movie theatre to watch MURNAU'S NOSFERATU

, my fave horror film of all time. There was this guy (the owner, maybe) taking tickets dressed up as a vampire. He scared me. Later, I heard that he was murdered. I am sad about this because he ran one of the coolest movie theatres of all-time and he had great taste in HORROR films. I love ZOMBIES and VAMPIRES, MONSTERS and supernatural KILLERS. I love blood and gore and brains smeared everywhere. I don't know why, I just do. So, when this guy I know, (he just moved to LA to be on a TV Series, like SIX FEET UNDER), told me he was in a HORROR movie I was thrilled.



Length: 91 minutes

Director: Juan A. Mas

Cast: SEAN COOK and a bunch of people I don't know.



Well, (and I am not saying this because I know him), SEAN COOK is a dream! He plays, Dylan, the lead singer of a band. People start getting killed and well, that's how it goes. If SEAN COOK were not in this movie I would probably never have seen it. He really is at the heart of it all. He is funny. He is cute. He is cuter in real life, though. I am sad that he is gone, but that is how it is with actors. Alas. Now, there is more to this movie than SEAN COOK. It has some really nice death scenes and quite a bit of humor. I enjoyed it. Make sure you catch the interviews at the end. I think in the SPECIAL FEATURES part with the cast. SEAN COOK said this was all improvised. He is really funny. Now I know you are thinking that I have a crush on him or that we had something going on, but no. Ours is a relationship based purely on respect and admiration. Amazing, but true. Well, I must go....I will be viewing La Jolla condo complexes this week and need to get packing.


Mitzi J.