Mitzi @ the Movies


- Mitzi J. Johnson

Greetings, darlings! Happy Holidays and all that Jazz! My Christmas, was pretty lame. I had a cold and was away from the Fam. Sad, tres sad! I did get some pretty cool presents, though. Who doesn't love that? So, in honor of my horrid holiday I thought I would just ignore all the Christmas and Hanukah movies. I decided to do another two-part feature on THE CHICK FLICK. I was having tea somewhere other than Starbuck's and I overheard two men talking over their vanilla capps. One of them grumbled, "Yeah, well, you know, it was a chick flick, so, I mean well, you know." And the super scruffy one replied, "Yeah, uh, (slurp)." I have nothing else to say. So, this is going to be two-part homage to THE CHICK FLICK. We "chicks" make up about 50% of the population. It is about time that 50% of the movies we watch are about "chicks". We have watched the war movies, and the mafia movies, and the superhero movies, and the adventurer movies, and the sci-fi, and the RESERVOIR DOGS, and the drug addict and gangster movies, and the sports hero movies and shall I go on? No, I'm done. The first review of THE CHICK FLICK homage is a film about a woman writer. I double dare all you fellas out there to watch this one!!!!


Rated PG

Length: 107 min.


Cast: RENEE ZELLWEGER, EWAN MCGREGOR, EMILY WATSON and a bunch of other people.

Genre: Drama


Well, this is not one of the best films ever, but it is one of the best films of 2007. I really think it should be seen by all. I, of course, knew of Beatrix Potter and, of course, knew about Peter Rabbit, and that's 'bout it. I did not know what an amazing woman she was and how she was quite an artist, visionary and conservationist. RENEE ZELLWEGER was the best thing about the film by far. Her performance was delicate and subtle. She brought truth to the part, I thought. EWAN MCGREGOR was really cute, as always, and EMILY WATSON was a joy to watch, as always. The actors who played Miss Potter's parents were pretty good, too. The directing was good and so was the story. I think what I liked most about the film was just the simplicity of this woman. Her love of nature, stories and drawing. Check it out!

Happy 2008!

Miss Mitzi