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- Mitzi J. Johnson

Hello there, dreamers! I am back again. Before getting into the film, I thought I would talk a little bit about being single. It kind of sucks, but not really. I have dates with Trevor sometimes, but really we are just friends. My friend Beatrice thinks I should online date. I am considering it. It does scare me a bit, I mean going out with someone I have never seen before is a bit weird. But, hey who knows. I just think I need to break out of my shell a little. Explore something that every body seems to be doing. My friend is happily married. They met through an online dating service. So, hmmm. I will let you know if it works. OKAY, the movie. Well, I usually don't write about movies that suck but I thought I would try something a little diff. Exploration, darlings! EXPLORATION is my new theme. Plain and simple this movie just sucked.




Length: 102 minutes (But only could watch about 45min)


Cast: BEN AFFLECK, LIV TYLER, MATT MAHER (best thing about the film), JENNIFER LOPEZ and MATT DAMON (for about 2min each) GEORGE CARLIN (Why?)

GENRE: COMEDY (but it is not funny)

Awards: BEN AFFLECK and JLO nominated for worst actors. They should have won.

Original Release date: 2004

Well, I got this film because a guy I know (MATT MAHER) is in this film. He is the best thing by far about this film. He plays a bike messenger and has about 3min of screen time but he is funny. The rest of the film is so bad I couldn't even watch it all. I don't even know why the money was spent on something like this. Couldn't the millions have been used for something more useful? Education for children or food for the starving? Or clothes for the poor? Or scholarships for up and coming filmmakers? But no, a terrible movie was made. BEN AFFLECK , who I normally really like, was just bad. The script was pretty pathetic and even if MERYL STREEP or ANTHONY HOPKINS were in this it would suck. However, MERYL and ANTHONY would not have appeared in this film, so, there you have it. What is GEORGE CARLIN doing in this film? JLO was so bad it was hard to watch. LIV TYLER was as bland as a piece of dry bread from the food bank. Okay, enough.

Mitzi J. Johnson