Mitzi @ the Movies

- Mitzi J. Johnson

Well, hello again. Summer is almost here. My fave season. The sunshine, the frappuccinos and milkshakes, less clothing, loud music, barbeques, sitting outside drinking virgin Hurricanes, late nights out, I could on and on. Summer really is delightful; you never want it to end. It has such promise and possibility for dreams to come true. The endless desire to lounge and people watch is taken up by all. So, in my tribute to summer I thought I would write about a film that stars a man who looks amazing in a swimsuit. I mean AMAZING!!! Even though this movie came out a while ago. It is summer DVD worthy, if you have to be inside. Better yet, have a fiesta in the backyard or someone else's back yard and set up a little out door movie theatre and watch this film. You won't be sorry! Call me and I'll bring the chips and salsa.



Length: 144 Minutes


CAST: DANIEL CRAIG (AKA MR. YUMMY), JUDI DENCH, JEFFERY WRIGHT and a bunch of other people I don't know. (I am a little mad about not being in this film as MR. CRAIG'S co-star).

I am a fan of JAMES BOND films. SEAN CONNERY is my fave of all, of course. I like PIERCE BRONSON and TIMOTHY DALTON, though most people I talk to think I am an idiot. ROGER MOORE has got that 70's swinger vibe. But not one of them looks better coming out of the ocean in bathing trunks than MR. CRAIG. He looks wonderful running around in designer tight shirts. He looks good in a tuxedo. My friend, Steve's fave part was when he was naked and getting beat up. Hmmm. MR. CRAIG is not the only reason to see this film, of course. It has action, action and more action. Lots of cool cars. JUDI DENCH is always awesome. I was happy to see JEFFERY WRIGHT in this; he is a WONDERFUL actor. I was a bit jealous of the other actresses. They get PAID to look gorgeous and make-out with DANIEL CRAIG. Why not me? I watched THE SECRET. I made my visualization board. I am sending out my thoughts to the universe. I don't understand. This is fun film and I think that MR. CRAIG makes a really smokin' JAMES BOND. I hope to be his co-star in the next one.

Mitzi J. Johnson