Mitzi @ the Movies

- Mitzi J. Johnson

Hello, again. Since my last review was on a film from a "foreign" land, I thought, I might do one on the great country in which I live. The country which has NETFLIX, BRAD PITT, PARIS and NICOLE, the best cheeseburgers in the world, um, SAN FRANCISCO, THE BEATLES (oops, no, they are from England, but didn't JOHN LENNON live here?), CHER and PRINCE, the DALLAS COWBOYS, BILLIE HOLIDAY, MARILYN, oh, and HOLLYWOOD itself and ME. I think that if you try real hard you can find some nice things to say about the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. We definitely have a great imagination. Now if we could just use our gifts to imagine PEACE that would be cool. But I'm getting a bit political, here and really that just isn't my thing. Though, I do think that some of the Senators and U.S. Reps are kind of cute. Again, I'm getting a bit carried away. So, the movie I am about to discuss takes a good look at America and our dreams, or shall I say DREAMZ?




Length: 103 minutes

Director: PAUL WEITZ

Cast: DENNIS QUAID, HUGH GRANT, MANDY MOORE, JENNIFER COOLIDGE, WILLEM DAFOE, MARCIA GAY HARDEN an a few other quite funny actors I had never seen before.



This film pleasantly surprised me. I had heard nothing about it. I started watching it and found that it was pretty twisted. Basically, it is a satire on the whole AMERICAN IDOL thing, which I have never seen. It is also poking fun of the whole world, especially, Americans and human nature. I thought HUGH GRANT gave a witty and quite truthful performance. MANDY MOORE was perfectly cast and JENNIFER COOLIDGE was wonderful, as per usual. She is my friend, Steve's hero. The guy from SNL; I can't remember his name was cool. He plays the agent. The other actors were really funny and I really enjoyed the story. So, if you are in the mood for a satire this is a good one to get. It makes you laugh and think and go, "Oh", at the same time. Pretty cool, huh?

Let's talk a quick sec 'bout JENNIFER COOLIDGE. She is a delight to watch. My friend, STEVE, as I said before, worships her. I actually think he has a real shrine. If you have not seen BEST IN SHOW, please do so now.

That's all folks!

Ta Ta,