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11/01/06 - AUDIOSLAVE Guitarist TOM MORELLO Halloween Costume was TOO Convincing!
Tom Morello of Audioslave gave the hilarious account of his Halloween costume gone wrong, I was kind of strapped for an outfit, so I looked into the back of my closet and pulled out some of my, like, '80s heavy metal gear. And I had the full regalia, like the black and leopard-skin spandex pants, the kind of Ronnie James Dio elf bootie, the bezippered shirt...I went and got myself a big, flowing-locks wig, and then made flyers for my fake Halloween band called GYPSY FIST."

"The problem was, no one thought it was a gag! Like, people were like, 'Oh, I'll come check it out, bro! Cool!' 'Cause on the flyer it said we're about to be signed. I was like, it's Halloween and I'm wearing spandex, and there's flyers for a band called Gypsy Fist. 'Yeah, I'll come check out that show, bro.'"

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