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10/30/06 - ROB HALFORD to Release a Flurry of New Material
On November 21st, Rob Halford will debut his first new track in over four years, 'Forgotten Generation'. The song will be available at Apple's iTunes Music Store. What? One song isn't really news you say? Well, how about the fact that a week later, on November 28th, Halford will release THREE full-length albums: 'Resurrection' with bonus material (2000/2006), 'Live Insurrection' (2001/2006), and 'Crucible' with bonus material (2002/2006).

Still not enough Halford for you? Then how about the new 'Halford: Metal God Essentials - Volume 1' (2006)? The release features fifteen (15) outstanding tracks from Rob's early solo days right up to the inclusion of two new Halford tracks from the current 'Halford IV' writing sessions: 'Forgotten Generation' and 'Drop Out.'. And of course, the first Halford Expanded Singles EP: 'Silent Screams' (2006). The original 1999 demonstration recording of 'Silent Screams;' is bundled with three additional Halford versions. If you download the full EP, you will receive bonus 'Silent Screams' film footage previewing next year's 'Halford - Live at Rock In Rio III (2001/2007

Whew! That's a lot of Halford, but for his sixth release, he's offering a very rare, full-length 'Fight' demonstration recording: 'K5 The War Of Words Demos' (1992/2006). K5 features Halford's first written material and recorded performances as a solo artist (1992); PLUS, five (5) previously unreleased Rob Halford songs; reflecting Rob's original vision of his first solo effort. With the purchase of the Fight K5 iTunes full album and EP digital pack features, you get mastered audio, new & enhanced art, expanded liner notes and exclusive media that will be available at with your iTunes order number.

Annnnnd Lastly, Rob Halford's new video 'Forgotten Generation' will also debut November 28, 2006 on, you guessed it - keyword: Halford.

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