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10/25/06 - BLIND MELON is Reforming and Writing New Material
According to Roger Stevens, the whole thing began as a particle joke, "Brad wrote a fake press release and sent it to me -- it was saying how we were back together and how Travis had brought us together," Stevens tells Billboard. "It was the first I'd heard of it. I called Brad and I was like, 'What do you mean? You got the band back together without me?"

"We decided to get into a room and play -- we thought it would be fun," he adds. "I was really skeptical in the beginning about doing anything, and none of us are into doing any kind of 'nostalgia trip.' We started playing, and I knew within the first half of a song that [Warren] was nailing it. It was something about the way he did it that it immediately disarmed my skepticism." "We started writing and recording, and we've got three new songs that we're excited about."

It has been11 years since the band, who was on the road to major fame, suffered the blow of the tragic death of frontman Shannon Hoon. However, following the fake press release joke, the band unveiled a new singer last month, 25-year-old Texas native Travis Warren, and along with it's original members - guitarists Christopher Thorn and Rogers Stevens, bassist

Brad Smith and drummer Glen Graham - Blind Melon look set to record a new album and tour

The band were on the verge of major international stardom in the early 90's, riding on the coattails of artists like Soundgarden and Lenny Kravitz, both of whom invited the acoustic-based rockers on their U.S. tours. However, Hoon's death on October 21 from a cocaine overdose effectively ended the band's tenure, which saw them release two studio albums in total.

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