09/08/06 - Rob Zombie, Godsmack Play Old Favorites
Buffalo, New York had another reason to be grateful for the day off on Labor Day.

The show started with a huge American flag with skulls across it, platforms for go-go dancers, and big plastic demons all under blacklight, and then stepping on to the stage, came Rob Zombie and bandmates dressed as the Four Horsemen. They played tunes from the new release Educated Horses, along with "More Human Than Human", "Thunderkiss '65," "Dragula," and Metallica's "Enter Sandman."

From the opening chords of "Straight Out of Line," and through a set that included as "Awake," "Keep Away" and "Voodoo", Godsmack rocked. According to spectators, the highlight of their set was the dual percussion performance between Sully Urna and drummer Shannon Larkin on "Batella de los Tambores." Before leaving the stage though, Urna left the crowd with these words of gratitude, "Thanks for coming out and supporting a rock show in a time when all this hip hop shit has taken over."

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