08/12/06 - The Doors Plan to Introduce Themselves to a New Generation in 2007
Slated for 2007, the Doors plan on introducing themselves and their music to a whole new generation. In the works are a feature-length documentary, radio and TV specials; remastered albums and digital downloadable "virtual box sets". In addition there will be coffee-table books and twin volumes of Jim Morrison's poetry as well as, the release of remixes and box sets. But the highlight will be a traveling memorabilia show.

Doors keyboardist, Ray Manzarek, says, "The Doors are absolutely and completely relevant today because we represent freedom. When you are at that point in your life where you've left childhood but not yet put on the yoke of adulthood, we represent totally liberating artistic, literary and spiritual freedom. We're about opening the doors of perception in the closed-in, locked-up times we live in now."

First to be released will be a coffeetable anthology, which was cowritten by renowned writer, Ben Fong-Torres. The full-length documentary, produced by Dick Wolf, will include lots of ureleased footage, plus...

and get ready for this; an interview with the Morrison family, which has never happened up til now. The documentary will appear in movie theaters around the country. A new cd of The Doors Live at the Matrix '67 will also be released. The live release was taken directly from the original masters of a "series of intimate San Francisco shows, which feature the band playing different song arrangements than what ended up on the Doors debut release.

Guitarist Robbie Kreiger commented, "A lot of kids don't even realize we're from the '60s," says Krieger. "It's cool that our sound is perceived as that contemporary. We're turning new people onto The Doors and also bringing The Doors to a more diverse audience."

Slated for an October release, the new box set from Rhino Records will be available. "The box will contain two-disc sets of every studio album--a CD with new stereo mixes by Botnick as well as freshly remastered classic mixes, and a DVD with 5.1 and 96k stereo mixes of the album along with outtakes, alternate takes and video clips. Apple's iTunes is expected to offer digital albums, virtual box sets and downloads of live and rare tracks."
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