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the Doors vocalist
Jim Morrison w/ Paramahansa Estes

We will start by saying that we met Paramahansa through a friend of a friend of a friend. In some weird way it was definitely fate. For a week or two, we had been trying to think of who to interview next. Then one day, we were talking with some friends over a cocktail or seven and still trying to decide who to annoy with an interview request. Out of the blue a friend says, "hey, I have a friend that knows someone who can talk to musicians that have passed on"...and then it clicked....ya hearin' me yet? Jim Morrison was at the top of our list.

When we met Paramahansa, it was not anything like we expected. First of all, he wanted to meet in a bar and second of all, he refused to take any money for his help. Now I know what you are thinking... this guy is a phony, but tell that to the thousands of people he has done readings for and put them in contact with lost loved ones, all without taking a dime. They swear by it, we thought it was intriguing to say the least, especially when Paramhansa knew very little about the Doors, claiming they were the band that did that song "Come on Baby start my fire". Anyhow, this is Part I of the Full in Bloom Music interview with Jim Morrison. Enjoy.

FIB MUSIC:  What's new, what have you been up to lately and what's in the future?

Jim:   I'm coming back to do the dive on another channel, but I am waiting for some more of my friends to finish their time on earth. I have a lot of mending to do. There is another group I will be going out with after that, but I have to do this first. Once again, I have a lot of mending to do.

FIB MUSIC:   Which friends? What mending?

Jim:   family, friends, you know. Things need to be finished, but that's another interview.

A young Morrison

FIB MUSIC:   Were you surprised at the timing of your death?

Jim:   No, I went out smiling like a child, into a cool remnant of a dream. I was expecting it. When I left, everything was evident. I tasted the nectar of life for the first time since being an infant. Now having said that, I did not think it would be as soon as it was, but I always had it in the back of my mind. I was ok with it.

FIB MUSIC:   Any regrets about leaving so early.

Jim:   Sure, but it was already written. Some of us had to show the way.

FIB MUSIC:   What do you mean?

   The gods didn't even know...this is an experiment, man. Life on earth. Back then they didn't know the results from the halls of music. They have changed it up since then. You'll always have entertainers die young, but my life was a lesson. They don't have to do it anymore. There's more to life, after all.
FIB MUSIC:   What do you mean? What are the halls of music?

Jim:   The music industry, the hall of records, or whatever you want to call it.

FIB MUSIC:   What kind of lesson are you talking about?

Jim:   To show what can happen, man. I got carried away and wrapped up in it. I learned a lot, but there are other and better ways to learn the same things. Go Robby Go!!

FIB MUSIC:   As shit-hammered as you used to get, did you ever shit your pants while on stage?

Jim:   No, but I did shit the tub. (laughing) Seriously though, you would have to ask somebody else that question, I was too out of it to remember a lot...and after a while, you know, it just goes away. I can always go back and look at stock images, but I already have seen it countless times. I am taking on new challenges now.

FIB MUSIC:   What was the deal with you calling yourself the Lizard King?

Jim:   You're a lizard.

FIB MUSIC:   What do you mean?

Jim:   Three silly-eyed weasels went to the store to fetch a bucket of lizard...

FIB MUSIC:   That doesn't make any sense.

Jim:   Not supposed to. I've read some of your like lizards too. Just one too many trips to the desert, man.

FIB MUSIC:   Have you seen Pamela?

Jim:   Always. We will forever be intertwined. Not always together, but always intertwined.

FIB MUSIC:   What do you think about all the people that have written books about your life?

Jim:   Hey listen man, whatever they do with their time, is up to them. Spread the word in my opinion. Let it out and if it helps them financially, or emotionally then I am happy for them.

FIB MUSIC:   What did you think of the movie about your life and the Doors?

Jim:   It was a little, how do you guys say it?...cheesy, or contrived, but it had its moments. Val Kilmer did a pretty good job, should have been Chevy Chase, or maybe Harry Hamlin. I saw it coming from a universe away.

FIB MUSIC:   You saw what coming?

Jim:   The movie.

FIB MUSIC:   What did you think about the Doors reforming with Ian Astbury?

Jim:   Go Robby Go!! Once again, I am all for it, if it helps them, then all the best. That Ian Astbury thing creeped me out a bit, trying to look like me, but other than that, I don't look down upon them, well I do, or I did on occasion, but... you know what I mean.

FIB MUSIC:   Describe a typical day in the life of Jim Morrison during the Doors heyday.

Jim:   Awake, shake dreams from your hair my pretty child, my sweet one, choose the day, choose the sign of your day, the days divinity....first thing you see. Whatever came first is how it started. Pretty much a blur after that. Good memories of nice walks.

FIB MUSIC:   Are there any bands that you like on earth?

Jim:   I'll tell you this. It's art man!! It shouldn't have fences. I loved Pink Floyd and what they did.

FIB MUSIC:   Do you have a favorite Doors release?

Jim:   The first and the last.

FIB MUSIC:   Why is that?

Jim:   Innocence and Wisdom

FIB MUSIC:   Did the road of excess lead to the palace of wisdom?

Jim:   There are certain things you can do to increase your insight. The excess leads to a tired ass. In the end, there are better ways to achieve the same goal.

FIB MUSIC:   Any memories stand out from the recording sessions for the first Doors Self-titled Lp?

Jim:   That feeling of excitement, seeing it align and yea, hosing down the studio with a fire extinguisher. I feel bad for that, but it makes a great story.

Jim looking like he's riding a meth wave,
pictured with the rest of the Doors,
who look like a bunch of upset lizards.
Can you feel the love?
FIB MUSIC:   What were you trying to achieve by doing that?

Jim:   It had to be done, but again, please send my apologies.

FIB MUSIC:   Jim Morrison is transported back to the year 1967, is there anything you would do differently?

Jim:   Yea, become a beekeeper

FIB MUSIC:   Fond memories of your days in the Doors.

Jim:   RAYMOND DANIEL MANZEREK, BORN 2/12, or whatever he said.... you know, in one of those movies they did of us....that shit is still making me laugh.


FIB MUSIC:  What is your most disgusting habit?

Jim:   I still don't bathe regularly

FIB MUSIC:  What is the most feminine thing you do?

Jim:  Walk

FIB MUSIC:  If there is a God, what is the first question you would ask God when you arrive?

Jim:   That's funny

FIB MUSIC:  Greatest Rock band of all time?

Jim:   The Doors

FIB MUSIC:  What were you doing 40 minutes before you sat down to do this interview?

Jim:   Hanging out with Brian Jones

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Well, there you go.. We have had this interview for a long time now, weren't sure what to do with it, but we were finally coaxed into posting it. Our initial interview lasted 2 hours...There is still a lot more we covered, but we're not sure if we should post it, we'll see how this goes first. Anyhow, it was a great honor interviewing the Lizard King. You know you gotta give it up.....The first interview with Jim Morrison in 30 plus years....Come on LIZARDZZZZ!!!
Til next week. -AI