What SUCKED about it?
starring Val Kilmer

This week I finally saw Wonderland starring Val Kilmer. Now Val has made some terrible decisions choosing films, but he comes close to redeeming himself by doing Wonderland, the story of John Holmes, The Later Years.

Val claims, "Being associated with someone else's body part is kind of weird. He wouldn't have been famous at all if he hadn't been so abnormal . But then, when I met his wife and girlfriend, and I found out that they were all friends, I thought: this story represents how dynamic love is, and how forgiving. He's trying to get his girl out of town. That's what it's about. He's just trying to save her. This demented, tragic, darkly beautiful attemp"

Um. Ok.

In all honesty I thought the movie was excellent and that Val was completely believable as the strung out John Holmes. But as with most movies, they are sometimes just a few scenes away from making a good film into a great one, or sometimes the actor cast for a role is the culprit...that being the case this time. Can you believe there are people that actually get paid just to cast actors? Where do they find these idiots? The day I believe Dylan McDermott to be a heroin addicted Harley hippy is the day that you crap your pants and I eat it. Out. -DPJ

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