What SUCKED about it?
Cooking Dinner + Friend = Fire Down Below

As a thank you gift, I cooked dinner for a friend. On the menu was one of her favorite meals, tacos....and I also made tostados, but the latter goes hand in hand. Otherwise known as TNT's. I fry the taco shells myself and I cook the meat, several different ways, but she likes ground beef tacos, where I am all about the shredded beef (Taco Tour 2005 is coming soon!!), but ground beef it is, because we are thanking her and not me.

Everything is going as planned; I don't shred the lettuce as thin as I could, nor the tomatoes, but hey, once again, it is all about thanking her and I imagine she believes my theory on thin lettuce and tomatoes, to be overrated and yet, another one of my many obsessions. But trust me, it is the only way to travel! I then add the can of green chiles to the taco meat, mix it around for a minute or two and we're ready to feast. She builds her taco and tostado and gently floats across the room to her TV tray. That's right, only the finest dinner setting there is.... Just as I finish building my taco & tostado, I hear, "Wow, there is quite a kick to these".

I think nothing of it and sit down to begin devouring my meal. By the time I took two bites, I began to sweat, by the time I finished the taco, I had to get up and grab a few paper towels to dry myself off. Both of us, kept saying that it was very spicy, but neither of us were ready to give in. In addition we put meat & beans on the tostado, so the assault continued. By the time I got half-way through the tostado, I was once again sweating like forty ninjas on a summer day in Texas. My friend asks if I was sure that I put in green chiles. Good questions, right? So, I pull the can out of the trash and it says diced jalapenos. NICE.

Felt a little clogged the next day, but I just sat on the toilet and began singing the Doors. Works everytime. That's right folks, next time you are feeling a little constipated, gently belt out a Doors tune, doesn't matter which one.. I usually start with "you know that it would be untrue, you know that I would be a liar", sometimes I sing it the way Robbie Krieger wrote it, other times the way we all know it. Occassionally, I work myself into "Riders on the Storm, Riders on the Storm, into TTTHHHHIIISSSS HOUSEEEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHHH. Like a charm
Other than that, I just had farts that lingered for, sometimes, twenty minutes, and a terrible case of SPICY ASS.

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