What SUCKED about it?

As I look around, while standing in line at the grocery store, I am inundated by Jennifer Anniston, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie stories. Everywhere I look, some lame magazine has one of the three pictured on the cover. Magazines puking-up titles like "Jennifer Speaks", "Brad & Angelina in Africa", "Jennifer is Devastated", "What will Jennifer do now?", BLAH, BLAH....I think to myself, who the fuck cares! What bullshit this is...no one cares about this crap, what kind of idiot would even buy this junk?.....Of course, at that moment, a lady in front of me grabs two of these tragic magazines, briefly glances at them and puts them in her cart. Again, I start with my rampaging reverie, what's wrong with these people. How could someone even digest this garbage? I mean, they're actors!!! That's it, nothing more, they are not saving the planet, or giving their latest dissertation on global warming. They ACT. That's IT!!! NOTHING MORE!! It's the easiest job on the planet, yet pays the most money. Most of the time, these actors only have to be attractive and they have a job. There is something soooo wrong with this world, why would they even give time or money to this nonsense? And then I begin with these brain rants,...and this is the best part... , I start thinking, the fact that Brad Pitt would even choose Angelina Jolie over Jennifer Anniston is nuts. Jennifer is sweet, hot, tiny, yummy and seems to be a great person. And then it dawns on me; what sucked about it?
I SUCK about it. -DPJ

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