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Terrence Lee
Pantera / Lord Tracy / Blowfish vocalist
Terrence Lee / Terry Glaze

FIBM:  What is new, what have you been up to lately and what is in the future?

Terry:  I live in Maryland. Wife and two kids. I get to play music almost everyday. I've been very lucky. I still do lots of recording. I have a small studio here in my house. I put out cd's with different musician friends. I have a band here in Md. called The Crayfish, and Lord Tracy has been doing some reunion shows across the country. Hopefully we can keep it going.

FIBM:  When you were just a teenager you played in a band called Pantera. What are your 3 most fond memories of being in that band?

Terry:  Playing with Darrell , Vince and Rex was a blast! Lots of great memories. Three of my favorite gigs were playing the Arlington Skating Rink, Six Flags and Tyler, Texas.

Terrence Lee
FIBM:  How did Pantera form, what year and how old were you?

Terry:   1981?
11th grade.
I was 15 i think. Originally it was me, Tommy bradford on bass & Donnie Hart on vocals. Vinnie on drums & Darrell on guitar. Darrell had a les paul copy and a sunn beta amp that really rocked! Eventually I took over the singing and Rex Brown replaced Tommy on bass. This all happened by 1982.

Terrence Lee
Terrence Lee & Diamond Darrell Lance

FIBM:  In Texas, especially Dallas, Pantera was very popular. How long did it take for that to happen?

Terry:  We busted our ass practicing and playing out non-stop. Texas is so big, we would play Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, someplace else, and then start over again every month.

FIBM:  How many copies of Metal Magic were sold originally? Projects in the Jungle? I am the Night?

Terry:  who knows? as many as we could sell off the band stand. we did everything ourselves. It was great seeing record reviews of our albums in european rock magazines right alongside iron maiden & metallica.

FIBM:  What was the most money, for a show, you made with Pantera?

Terry:  that's funny.

FIBM:  How much were you making at the time you left the band, between album sales and shows? What was your cut for each record sold?

Terry:  a full share, which has yet to be received. again, funny stuff.

FIBM:  Why were you never signed by the majors when you were in Pantera? There have been bands that have sold 1000 copies or sometimes less, that got signed. How did Pantera, with all the popularity, not get signed until much later?

Terry:  no one was willing to take a chance back then.

FIBM:  I read a rumor that, while you were with Pantera, the band almost signed with a record label, is that true and if so, what happened?

Terry:  that is news to me.

FIBM:  What is going on with the early Pantera cd releases on Ebay? Did someone sign a deal with a record company, to release those, or are they bootlegs? If so, how do they get away with it, how do you feel about it, or do you even care?

Terry:  those are bootlegs.   i bought a copy for myself off of ebay a while back. i believe they are from europe. good stuff.

Terrence Lee
Terry w/ Pantera for the I Am the Night Lp
FIBM:  How much did you tour with Pantera? How many states did you tour, did you go overseas?

Terry:   we played all over texas, oklahoma and louisiana.   we played almost every weekend of every month from around 1981-1986 i think.

FIBM:  Out of the 3 releases you did with Pantera, which one is your favorite and why?

Terry:   i like them all but probably "projects", i just dig the tunes...especially "all over tonight"  

FIBM:  Why did you leave Pantera?

Terry:   it wasn't about the two hours a day we played together on stage.   i loved playing with those guys.   we were a great band

Terrence Lee

FIBM:  Who was the Eldn' & how much of a role did he play in the production of the records?

Terry:  The Eldn' is Jerry Abbott, Vince & Darrell's father. He worked at a small recording studio in Pantego, Tx. We would go in and record our original tunes whenever the studio was not being used. We were able to get tons of experience in a recording studio before we even got out of high school. Jerry did a little bit of everything for the band. He booked us, financially backed us, was our recording engineer, he even wrote some of the song lyrics. He was a big reason for Pantera's early success. I think he ended up moving to Nashville where he has a studio today.

FIBM:  Any memories stand out from some of the Pantera recording sessions?

Terry:  We recorded our first three records there at Pantego, as well as all the demos. It was a great experience that helped me out so much in my later career. I wasn't intimidated by the "red" lite when i got into other studios.

Pantera in 1984
Left to right: Rex, Terry, Vinnie, Darrell

FIBM:  Who did all the artwork for the pantera records? What about the logo?

Terry:  A friend of the band did the paintings for the album covers. We were into iron maiden. Not sure on the logo.

Terrence Lee
Terry & a baby Dimebag Darrell

FIBM:  How did the songwriting process work in the band?

Terry:  Usually Darrell & Vince wrote the music & then I wrote the lyrics. Sometimes I wrote the entire tune, or maybe Jerry would write lyrics to one of Vince & Darrell's songs. We all helped each other out. We split everything equal.

FIBM:  Who ran Metal Magic Records?

Terry:  That would be Jerry & Pantera. We were our own little record company.

Terrence Lee
Terry & Vinnie 2005

FIBM:  How did Lord Tracy form, what year?

Terry:  Here's Jimmy's version.
It's way more entertaining than anything I could come up with.

FIBM:  What are your 3 most fond memories of being in Lord Tracy?

Terry:  seeing our video on mtv one night in memphis while we were on stage doing a show. touring with ace frehley and, playing in little rock this past memorial day weekend opening for reo speedwagon.

FIBM:  Your debut Lord Tracy release, at the time, seemed to be quite popular. You had a hit on the radio and rotation on MTV, with ?Out with the Boys?. How many records were sold and whatever happened to your deal with UNI / MCA?

Terry:   got lost in the shuffle. typical spinal tap stuff. we had the "real" Marty Fluffkins working our record.

FIBM:  Originally, the band was called Tracy Lords, did she make you change it and have you ever met her?

Terry:   she wanted us to pay her, we changed the name so we wouldn't have to. never met her, but would have liked to.

FIBM:  Your Lord Tracy bass player seems to be quite the music whore. He has played with Black Oak Arkansas, The Cult and I even saw him with Jack Ingram? How did you meet Barney and is there a genre of music that he loves to play the most?

Terry:   i met barney when he was playing in lightning way back when. they actually opened for pantera when we did a show at the Bronco Bowl . he's the best i've ever seen. any band would be lucky to have him as a member. I believe we all like playing intense passionate music. we're trying to get a response from the audience.

Terrence Lee
Terry & Barney

FIBM:  How much did you tour with Lord Tracy? How many states did you tour, did you go overseas?

Terry:  Here is JC's site:
JC is a good friend who's been there from the very beginning. There's a huge amount of info on his site.

Terrence Lee

FIBM:  What were some of the bands you toured with?

Terry:   Ace Frehley was the biggest, we did a show with bad english in L.A. way back. reo speedwagon this past spring.

FIBM:  If you did not give the info in the first question, what are the current releases with Lord Tracy?


FIBM:  How did the reunion with Lord Tracy come about and how has it been to play with those guys again?

Terry:   we all had been talking to one another and it just kinda happened. it's been better than i could have imagined. i think we appreciate it more this time around.

FIBM:  Whatever happened to Blowfish?

Terry:   a great band, i loved playing with those guys too. we did some recording and played out a little bit. we just never got signed.

FIBM:   Didn't Blowfish feature one of the Goo Goo Dolls?

Terry:   mike malinin, the best drummer i ever played with. rob cooper on bass, a killer player and a good friend. dave hineman on lead guitar, one of my best friends, awesome player....and me yelling and bashing guitar.

FIBM:  In retrospect, is there anything you would have done differently?

Terry:   I think I would only have tried to be more patient and not take things for granted. I got to play with some world class musicians, and I feel very lucky for that. We had great experiences traveling around and I learned so much that helped me along the way. I can't complain though. Life has been very good to me.
Terrence Lee
Lord Tracy 2005

Thank you Terrence Lee.
In certain circles, growing up in Texas, Terrence was as big as any rock star I knew of, at the time.
Freaked out by the whole, no money from Pantera trip. It reminds me of a time...... Power Metal had been released, but it was before Cowboys From Hell. I talked to Vinnie Paul one night, while sitting at the bar in a local club called, The Basement. He told me that Pantera had sold 125,000 records collectively and independently. Now granted, he told me 40,000 of those copies were from Power Metal, that means and we'll say roughly, the band sold around 85,000 records with Terrence. On top of that, they didn't even have good distribution until Power Metal. He then told me their royalty rate was $4.00 per record. You take a band in todays market and if they sold 5,000 copies on their own, some record label would sign them in a second. Terrence was definitely a large factor in giving Pantera the momentum needed in order to grow into what they became. By the time Phil showed up, the band was already HUGE. I saw a Pantera show in, must have been around, 1984, Six Flags, Arlington, Tx. MomZZZZ drove us to the venue. How cool were we?........I'm Sayin'.. On the way, they are playing songs, on the radio, from Projects in the Jungle, I believe we heard "Like Fire" and "Heavy Metal Rules", it was Me, two friends, already a thousand kids waiting for the venue to open, when we arrive. We scam our way to the front door, no idea how, when they open the doors, instant karma, they only open one of the double doors, and we are standing in front of the unopened door. We get slammed up against it, as people pour into the venue. Luckily, Me and one of the friends are able to push back on the door and slide in the opened one. But the last friend, ST. Ain't St., we'll call him, was not so lucky. He got pinned, the venue filled to capacity within a minute and I am assuming it held around a thousand or so people. But by the time my last friend got in, there were no seats left and they kicked him out. Memories are vague, but I remember being a little excited chicken-lizard. They played songs from Projects in the Jungle and, of course, "Widowmaker", but mostly lots of covers.
Make sure to visit Terry at his websites, WWW.GLAZEDMUSIC.COM,   WWW.LORDTRACY.COM   WWW.DEAFGODS.COM

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