Terry Glaze

Former Pantera / Lord Tracy / Crayfish vocalist
Quick Flash w/ Terry Glaze


Former Pantera / Lord Tracy vocalist Terry Glaze talks
with FIB Music about his new cd release

FIB MUSIC:  What have you been up to lately, what's in the future?

Terry:   Good to hear from you.
Been busy here with the family and am working on several new music projects.

FIB MUSIC:  Tell us a little about your new cd that you are working on?

Terry:  I'm just finishing up the artwork for a new solo cd.
I've been working on this release for several years off and on.
I'm very excited about the way it all came out.

FIB MUSIC:  Who will be playing on it, what kind of songs (genre) will be on there?

Terry:  Dan Wojchieowski played drums and I played pretty much everything else.
Danny Brown added a few secret parts too.
I wrote the tunes, they range from loud screaming to quiet sensitive types.

FIB MUSIC:  When do you expect to release the cd?

Terry:  Hoping for an early spring release.

FIB MUSIC:  Who is producing it and where are you recording it?

Terry:  Produced it with a good friend of mine in Dallas, Danny Brown.
We've been doing it through the mail.
The Drums were recorded in Dallas.
I did all my parts here in my little studio.
It was mastered out in L.A.

FIB MUSIC:  Anymore Lord Tracy reunion gigs or releases planned for the future?

Terry:  We're working on a Texas spring date as we speak.

FIB MUSIC:  When was the last time you talked to Vinnie Paul and how is he doing?

Terry:  Spoke to Vinnie at Darrell's funeral.
I try and go by Darrell's gravesite every time I get back home to Arlington.

FIB MUSIC:  Vinnie just started his own label, do you think there is a chance that he might re-release the Metal Magic catalog?

Terry:  That would be great.
Hope it happens.

FIB MUSIC:  Anything you want to add?

Terry:  Hope 2006 is a good year for everyone.
Be safe.

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