Ron Keel

Former STEELER / KEEL & current IronHorse vocalist
Quick Flash w/ Ron Keel


Ron Keel talks
with Full in Bloom Music about his latest cd release, "Alone at Last"

FIB MUSIC:  What have you been up to lately, what's in the future?

Ron Keel:   Same insanity, different year....I have created a situation for myself that keeps me extremely busy, by expanding my horizons. I have a new CD out, and in 2006 I am doing a lot of solo acoustic shows, hard rock gigs with the new Ron Keel Band, some big concerts and events with my band IronHorse, and for the first time since 1999, some Ronnie Lee Keel country gigs in Las Vegas and beyond.

FIB MUSIC:  Tell us a little about your latest release.

Ron Keel:  The new CD is a solo acoustic album entitled "Alone At Last". It's actually the first-ever 'Ron Keel' CD, and it contains new acoustic versions of some of my favorite songs from throughout my career. Let me say right off, even though this is an acoustic album it is by no means mellow - songs like "Private Lies", "Die Fighting", "Give Me All Your Love Tonight", "Here Today Gone Tomorrow", and others are really screaming and very powerful even in this format. Each era of my career is represented, from STEELER to KEEL to Fair Game, Saber Tiger, IronHorse, Ronnie Lee Keel, and a new song called "Hillbilly Heavy Metal Rock N Roll Soul", which really brings together all those styles of music mentioned in the song's title.

FIB MUSIC:  Where was it recorded?

Ron Keel:  As so many artists are doing these days, I recorded this album at home using a Tascam 2488 digital studio, my Dean acoustic guitars, an old piano, Morley Stereo Chorus/Volume & Wah Wah pedals, a microphone, various percussion instruments, and nothing else. Oh, and my famous Ford pickup truck makes a guest appearance on "Haunted Saloon"...

FIB MUSIC:  Does anyone else play on the cd?

Ron Keel:  No one. Hence the title, "Alone At Last". This was a long-time dream of mine, to carry an entire album with just my voice, my music, and my songs, and an incredible challenge. There are some songs I would have liked to include such as "Tears Of Fire", "Because The Night", and others, but I wanted to keep this release to songs I had written myself or co-written.

FIB MUSIC:  Will you be touring for the latest release?

Ron Keel:  I already am - I started out opening for Y&T in Colorado and Nevada, and will be doing solo acoustic shows across the country this year, not only to promote the new CD but to keep doing what I love to do - entertain people.

FIB MUSIC:  Where can people purchase "Alone at Last"?

Ron Keel:  The easiest way is to visit RONKEEL.COM - we're still building the additional distribution networks and getting it into some stores and other on-line distributors. And of course it's available at all my shows.

FIB MUSIC:  Any word on the re-release of Lay Down the Law, how is that going?

Ron Keel:  I know the digital re-mastering has been done, and I hope to announce an official release date soon.

FIB MUSIC:  Any other KEEL news, or re-releases on the front, such as Final Frontier, or the self-titled release? It looks like a bunch of bootlegs have been showing up on Ebay, or someone ran into a stockpile overseas.

Ron Keel:  Yes, a European label has taken it upon themselves to bootleg those albums. My best way to combat that is to offer these albums for download at WWW.RONKEEL.COM for only $13.50 each.

FIB MUSIC:  Still hoping for a reunion...any chance of that happening?

Ron Keel:  Never say the meantime, I have assembled a killer all-star rock band, and we recently made our debut in Las Vegas to a great response, so hopefully fans everywhere will get to see me perform the KEEL classics with a full band. KEEL guitarist Bryan Jay is a single parent with a business to run, so he is not available to tour with KEEL, and the rest of us are hesitant to proceed without him. For the past 16 years, I have refused to put another band behind me and call it KEEL, and I'd like to stay strong on that stance. I miss those guys and would love to do a KEEL reunion tour, but no matter what band is behind me you're going to get a kick ass show with Ron Keel belting out "The Right To Rock" and all your other KEEL favorites.
Be safe.

FIB MUSIC:  What's in the future for Ron Keel?

Ron Keel:  More of the same. Keep on entertaining people as long as they want me to, and entertaining myself along the way. I've been one lucky son of a bitch, and there are a lot of good people that seem to enjoy what I do, and as long as they've got a smile on their face I'll be singing to 'em.
Be safe.

Thanks for the update Ron. The Quick Flash interview is only offered to those who have done the historic interview with our site, which Ron was cool enough to do.

Visit Ron Keel at My Space to hear a track from his new release.

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