(L-R) Rik Fox, Nikki Sixx, Blackie Lawless

Tales from the Foxhole
- Rik Fox

Q:   I wanna thank you for that great interview with Rik Fox!! Best interview online so far! Please can you send him this message? Thank you
Hello Rik. Wow, what a great interview you did with those guys!.

RIK:   Thanks Much, Glad you enjoyed it.

Q:   I really enjoyed all those stories about WASP, Nikki Sixx, Vinnie Vincent etc...,cool stuff, and the pictures are Awesome!, i love them!!

RIK:   Glad you're having a blast with it.

Q:  Specially the pictures with Mark "The Animal" Mendoza, Ace Frehley and Axl!.

RIK:  Mark Was always the most coolest member of Twisted Sister to me, Like a Big Brother, Eddie Ojeda was cool too. Dee Snider always had an attitude against me for some reason. He kept referring to me as a poser. That was long before I was in WASP, and STEELER & SIN. Mark used to tell Dee to "Back off and leave Rik alone!" That was SO cool...

Q:  Thanks for sharing them!.

RIK:   It was my pleasure to share them with you & the world.

Q:  I wanna ask you a question about my favourtie band, Hanoi Rocks. Maybe you have a story to share with me about Michael Monroe? I would like to know if you ever met him, or played with him or hung out with him? I`m all ears about it!!!

RIK:  Hmmm, sorry, no, I never did get to meet Michael Monroe.

Q:  any other Hanoi/Andy Mccoy/Sami Yaffa/Nasty Suicide/related story is really welcome.

RIK:  Well, I did meet Sammy Yaffa when he joined JetBoy, who were good friends of mine. sami was very nice and polite to me, but I didn't get to know him very well.

Q:  Did you like them?

RIK:  Sure, they're good. Very influential on many bands who copy their style.

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