Rik Fox, Tony Richards, Randy Piper, Blackie Lawless

(L-R) Rik Fox, Tony Richards, Randy Piper, Blackie Lawless

Tales from the Foxhole
w/ Rik Fox


Q:   I read a rumor that Ace Frehley produced the WASP demo, that you appear on. Is that true?

RIK:  Absolutely untrue. As far as I know of, we were pretty broke, living hand-to-mouth back then...It was recorded at Randy Piper's Magnum Opus rehearsal studio in Anaheim, CA. and ran ALL night. It was a "Live-3-track" (one track music, other track, vocals). There was a guy named Mike, who used to work for Ace Frehley when Ace was in KISS, and Mike lived in L.A. and hung around with us, and helped out from time to time, but that was it. He drove the car that came to pick me up at the airport when I arrived in L.A. at the airport. Blackie's car was toast then, badly needing repairs.

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