01/31/06 - Ron Keel Forum Now Online
"Well, it's been up a little while, but you guys give Ron a visit and say hello." says DPJ. General Discussion, topics and news on current & past bands, STEELER, KEEL, SABER TIGER, IronHorse and others. Plus, check out the rest of the website at RONKEEL.COM, where you can also purchase rare tracks from Ron's earlier days, including a project he did in Japan (SABER TIGER). This band features japanese guitar god, Akihito Kinoshita and for one album they hired Ron Keel to record the vocals. You can read all about that and more in our interview we did with Ron Keel.

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01/30/06 - Interview with Jim Morrison
Full in Bloom Music has conducted an interview with the elusive Jim Morrison. Morrison's first interview in over thirty years.
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01/27/06 - I'm So Outa Here!!
Read the latest rant from the one and only JONES.
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01/27/06 - Hot n Heavy with Terrence Lee & Pantera
Once again posted by the Almighty "Web of Hair". This is the actual video that Pantera released for the song "Hot n Heavy", from their independent release, I Am the Night. It may take a little while to download, but it is worth the wait.
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01/24/06 - Chris Laney's letter to Dave
Read Chris Laney's letter to Crashdiet vocalist, Dave Lepard. As posted last week, Dave Lepard recently committed suicide. He was 25 years old.
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01/24/06 - Pantera video with Terrence Lee
Posted by the Almighty "Web of Hair". This is the actual video that Pantera released for the song "All Over Tonight", from their independent release, Projects in the Jungle. It may take a little while to download, but it is worth the wait.
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01/23/06 - Interview with Daniel MacMaster
Interview with former Bonham vocalist, Daniel MacMaster. Daniel sung on both Bonham releases, including the Platinum selling, Disregard for Timekeeping. Talks about Jason Bonham, Stephen Pearcy, but no good Led Zeppeling stories. Sorry kids, we tried.
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01/20/06 - Crashdiet Vocalist Found Dead
Crashdiet vocalist, Dave Lepard, was found dead today; cause of death is suicide. We at full in bloom music send out our deepest sympathy to his family, friends and fans. -AI / DPJ and the rest of the FIB MUSIC CLAN.
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01/20/06 - Randy Piper's Animal, Limited Edition Box Set
Randy Piper's Animal
Ltd Picture 7" Box
Art Nr DG002

Animal Limited 333 copies Box set Incl. 7" Vinyl. Picture disc A side: Morning After B side: Hell Chid Animal Sticker
Animal Pin Animal Badge Signed Certificate ALL THIS FOR ONLY 20USD!!!!!!! Be sure to

pre-order your copy now!!!!!

Also, if you haven't already, check out our
interview with Animal guitarist Chris Laney.

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01/19/06 - New cd's added to our Hard Rock section
Added about 20 cd titles to the Hard Rock page on

our site. For future reference, you can click on "Music" located at the top and choose your genre.
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01/18/06 - Quick Flash with Terry Glaze
New feature added to our site, and who better to premier it, than the man who helped premier our very own website. These interviews are only offered to those who have done the historic interview with us, so there may not be a million of these. The Quick Flash allows the artist to tell us about their present and future plans. So let it be written...that those who have the youth....no wait...uh-um...Historic interviews on Monday and Quick Flash interviews, when we have them, will be posted in the middle of the week.

Now to the headline.....FIB Music talks with former Pantera / Lord Tracy vocalist, Terry Glaze, about his upcoming solo release.
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01/16/06 - New Songs added to Full in Bloom Radio
Added some new tracks to our playlist. Listen to Full in Bloom Radio, different playlist everyday of the week


01/16/06 - Tim Yasui Interview
Former London drummer talks about working with Lizzie Grey and Nadir D'priest, as well as giving us some great insight into his job as a record executive at Cleopatra Records
Tim Yasui Interview


01/12/06 - Latest article from JONES
Jones talks about the heartache of learning the guitar, claiming she is the worst guitar player ever.....trust me, she's right... I've heard her play.
Worst Guitar Player....EVER!!


01/12/06 - New Q & A with Charles England

Charles started his career as a drum tech for Bobby Rock and later became Dana Strum's assistant. Since then he has become his own entity and is now taking questions from our readers. The Q&A talks about Pro Tools, fixing it in the mix, digital vs. analog and much more. Read the Q&A


01/11/06 - Marc Ferrari playing live with Pantera, 1988
Here is a link to a rare video of Pantera playing "Proud to be Loud" with Marc Ferrari. The quality is not so great, but it is classic. Enjoy. Take me to it!!


01/10/06 - New Rigor Mortis dates added
New Rigor Mortis Flyers

January: January 14 - El Paso, Texas
Rigor Mortis/Pyretic/Demonology/Yoda's Eye
Venue - Murphy's Cantina

January 15 - Phoenix, Arizona
Rigor Mortis/Womb Raiders/Ripping Corpse/Rapid Fire
Venue - Metal Devastation 2

January 16 - Silverlake, California
Rigor Mortis/Grotesque/Departed/Condemned to Suffer/Fallout
Venue - Zen Sushi

January 17 - Las Vegas, Nevada
Rigor Mortis/Avenger of Blood/Postmortom
Venue - Cooler Lounge

January 18 - San Marcos, California
Rigor Mortis/Avenger of Blood/Omision/Narsil
Venue - The Jumping Turtle

January 19 - 22 - Anaheim, California
The NAMM Show

January 22 - Long Beach, California
Rigor Mortis/Keen of the Crow/Rapid Fire/E.T.T.S./Self Inflicted
Venue - Que Sera

January 23 - San Francisco, California
Rigor Mortis/Blessing the Hogs/Impaled/Sangre Eterna
Venue - Pound SF

January 24 - Portland, Oregon
Rigor Mortis/Menacer/Funerot/Among The Decayed
Venue - Loveland

January 25 - Richland, Washington
Rigor Mortis/Kleptocracy
Venue - Rays Golden Lion

January 26 - Seattle, Washington
Rigor Mortis/Wizards of Wor/Breakneck/The Kept
Venue - El Corazon

January 27 - Boise, Idaho
Rigor Mortis/Vexengine
Venue - Imparts

January 26 - Jerome, Idaho
Rigor Mortis/Vexengine/Dross
Venue - El Sombrero

January 29 - Ogden, Utah
Rigor Mortis
Venue - Club Boom VA


February 1 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Rigor Mortis/Skullpl8/Gestalt
Venue - The Conservatory

February 2 - Austin, Texas
Rigor Mortis
Venue - The Backroom

February 4 & 5 - Grapevine, Texas
Texas Frightmare Weekend
Venue - Grapevine Convention Center
Tickets On Sale Now!
- www.texasfrightmareweekend.com
Rigor Mortis vocalist Bruce Corbitt interview with Full in Bloom Music


01/09/06 - fullinbloommusic.com adds fibmusic.com

Full in Bloom Music has added the domain www.fibmusic.com. "We thought maybe people didn't want to type in seven hundred letters, when trying to access the site. We're geniuses...I know. Now all they have to do is type in the url: www.fibmusic.com and they can see all the secret shit.....

FIB MUSIC: What, like secret interviews

DPJ: Well....let's just say this...I will give a free Hollywood Rocks official t-shirt away to the first person to find it

FIB MUSIC: How about a clue

DPJ: Ok. Well, I will say this....."there is a two before the h"

FIB MUSIC: There is a two before the h....What the hell does that mean?

DPJ: Now shit-pants, that's for you to figure out....

FIB MUSIC: You're calling me shit-pants

DPJ: Yes.

FIB MUSIC: Well what if no one finds it?

DPJ: Then we will do a free giveaway.

-Steve Cook reporting from Los Angeles


01/09/06 - Interview with Keel / Cold Sweat guitarist, Marc Ferrari
Marc Ferrari spews the truth. Talks about his days in Keel, Cold Sweat, plus we grilled him on his experience with Pantera. Includes exclusive photos that have never been published before, on the net or in ya mama's magazines. Don't be stupid, you'll want to check this one out.
Marc Ferrari Interview


01/08/06 - Ron Keel makes rare songs available for purchase
You can now purchase rare music from Ron Keel,

directly from his website. Songs from his post-KEEL project, called Fair Game, IronHorse, Ronnie Lee Keel (Ron's country days), even download the entire Saber Tiger release. Download Ron Keel songs


01/08/06 - Forty big-eyed chickens seen on the moon
Last night there were forty big-eyed chickens spotted on the moon by a group of people picnicking in Australia. "Yea mate, at first we thought they might be 43 swole-eyed rabbits, but after me wife crapped her pants, we were stunned to find out there were only forty;

and then later discovered they were big-eyed chickens instead. Breathtaking." DPJ reporting live from Sydney, Australia


01/02/06 - Rik Fox Part III
The long awaited final installment of our historic interview with Rik Fox is finally here. Rik Fox, Part III


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