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09/22/06 - DEF LEPPARD: Fulfilling Goals and Seeing Record Numbers
It's been a sweet year for Def Leppard and Joe Elliott recently told AOL Music that the band's upcoming debut at the Hollywood Bowl Oct. 13 with JOURNEY is the fulfillment of a lifelong goal. "Madison Square Garden, the Hollywood Bowl and Wembley Stadium are the three venues that we were like, 'We have to play there,'" he explained. "In the little spoon factory that we were rehearsing in in '77, '78, it was Madison Square Garden, 'cause that's where ELTON JOHN recorded with JOHN LENNON. The Hollywood Bowl because THE BEATLES had been there, even Monty Python, and Wembley was Wembley."

The show at the Bowl is the last on the band's list to be crossed off and it couldn't come at a sweeter time. It comes in the midst of a successful tour. Remaining a top draw after all these years is as good as it gets, Elliott says. "The fact that we're selling tickets on an equivalent level to what we did on the 'Hysteria' tour, in fact better in some cases, it's extremely gratifying," "It makes you walk a little taller." Elliott says the success gives the band hope for the new album they intend to release next year.

"The reality is the kind of music that we make, the fact that we're still doing it and being allowed to do it is a massive achievement," he says. "You're only ever three minutes from re-achieving. It's one song. You look what happend to BON JOVI when 'It's My Life' came out, or AEROSMITH when they did 'Dude Looks Like a Lady'. The '80s AEROSMITH became bigger than the '70s AEROSMITH

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