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09/18/06 - Brain Vollmer from Helix Now Available for Weddings
Brian Vollmer recently stated "I've been singing classical music at weddings and funerals in the southern Ontario region for 15 years. Not too many people know that, and when they do find out I get funny looks sometimes. Not too many people know that, and when they do find out I get funny looks sometimes. However, I enjoy it immensely, as it gives me the opportunity to sing classical music and make very good money doing it. I sing mostly at Catholic churches and I use my own keyboardist, Shannon Theriault." But all is not sweet sanctity on these gigs and Brian continues, "A lot of these parishes have their own in-house organist, and some of these guys protect their turf like junkyard dogs. Such was the case today at St. Peters, in downtown London where I sang. The keyboardist there is a guy named Ron Fox. I knew the guy was pissed off because I was using my own keyboardist. In our one and only conversation leading up to the service I found him to be one of the most insulting, arrogant, and un-Christian people I had ever met. When Shannon introduced herself to him as she was setting up he ignored her and refused to shake her hand. I wasn't there when this went down, but

Shannon told me when I got back. Meanwhile there was another female soloist there to sing the responsorial psalms. She whispered, "That's Ron. He's good alright. He has a doctorate in baroque organ!" I said loud enough that she could hear me, "Too bad he doesn't have a doctorate in Christianity!" LOL!

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