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11/07/06 - Danzig, New Release on the Horizon?
KNAC has conducted an interview with Glenn Danzig, where he mentions that he will be working on a new release saying, "I will probably start working on another one next year, at least thatís the plan now." KNAC.COM: Will you be doing any more Danzig albums?

DANZIG: Yeah, I will probably start working on another one next year, at least thatís the plan now. Iíve got a lot of other things going on and I need to make some time to sit down and think out the ideas. Iím fortunate that I have my own label and can do things on my own schedule, at my own pace, although if my managers had their way Iíd be doing a new record every year.

KNAC.COM: By doing it on your own again, your career really has come full circle, itís almost like your Misfits/Samhain days from that aspect?

DANZIG: Weíll Iíve always done things pretty much on my own, my own way, no matter what label I might have been on. Iíve always tried to maintain as much control over things as I could because that way at least I know theyíre being done right. And thereís a big difference between in how things were done then and how things were done now.

With the Misfits and with Samhain, we did it on our own because we had to, we had no other choice. No one was going to help us out because no one wanted anything to do with us. So we learned quickly to be self-sufficient and did a pretty good job of it. Now I do things the way I do because I can, because Danzig eventually did earn some success, mostly from all the work we put into it ourselves.

KNAC.COM: Given all of your other pursuits, is music still as important to you now as it was in the past?

DANZIG: It will always come first. I wouldnít be putting all this time and effort into getting the Lost Tracks together and working on Black Aria II if the music wasnít still important to me. Itís in my blood. And itís because of the music that I have the opportunity to do all these other things.

KNAC.COM: How do you divvy up your time?

DANZIG: It really comes down to planning the projects. If I know I have deadlines for Verotik, Iíll concentrate on that. If Iím working on music, I will focus on that. When I have stuff to do for the film, Iíll do that. Itís just a matter of organization.

It used to be a lot harder when I was touring a lot. For a long time with Danzig we were in a cycle of being on the road for so long that it was time to do another album when we were done and then weíd have to go on the road for that, so it was difficult to do anything else. Thatís not to say things always go smoothly now,

because Iím not the only one who has to meet deadlines. One of our artists at Verotik, Simon Bisley, was really late with his last project, which was an illustrated version of Miltonís "Paradise Lost." And I donít mean days or weeks, I mean like eight months late, which was really driving me crazy. But when he finally turned in the illustrations they were absolutely amazing. It was definitely his best work, so in the end it was worth the wait, but thatís not the kind of thing I have much patience for. Read the entire interview HERE

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