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11/06/06 - Bad Brains to Record New Cd
Billboard magazine is reporting, "Bad Brains appears to be on once more. After being asked to kick off the final week of shows at CBGB with a trio of sold-out performances, the original Bad Brains line-up of singer H.R., guitarist Dr. Know, bassist Darryl Jenifer and drummer Earl Hudson has been jumpstarted."

"It was tremendous," Dr. Know tells "We hadn't played in that place in a long, long time. Did you see the DVD ('Live at CBGB's 1982')? That shit was like that [laughs]! There was so much friends and family -- it was a bit much, actually. It was really an honor and a privilege to have so many good friends and see them all. We were back together for a week; we hadn't been together for a long time."

With regards to a new album being produced by the Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch, he added: "There's a lot of dubs and there's some old school-meets-new school Brains," he continues. "Not moderate tempo, but fast tempo. Yauch said, 'Man, I want y'all to do some old school-type sh*t,' so we did it like that." Song titles for the rock tracks include "It's All Rock'n'Roll" and "Let There Be Light," while the dub songs include "Article" and "Kingdom Come." The wait for a follow-up shouldn't be long, either. I want to start working on the next one, because we did that one two years ago already,"

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