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11/03/06 - WAX Phil Collins in Grand Theft Auto
You can see Phil Collins in the new video game Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories. The Genesis vocalist plays himself in this latest series by Rockstar Games. It is set in the 80's in Miami and as with the rest of the series, they have paid attention to the details, from the cars , the music, the clothes, etc. and as always you can drive fast cars, slam into pedestrians, take out other vehicles and pretty much, wax everyone that gets in your way. Vice City also features over 100 hits from the 80's, which can be heard by tuning in the radio stations while driving around Miami like a SAVAGE ANIMAL (SB)!! In the game, there are times you must actually "off" Phil Collins, one of which is to saw through cables that hold the lighting rig above, while Phil is on stage singing "In the Air Tonight".

"From the late 80s through until the late 90s I was a big gamer myself," says Collins. "I just fell in love with platform games, as they call them Crash Bandicoot, Spiro The Dragon..." And what does Collins think of his look and wardrobe in the game?

"Well it's what I was like, you know the long mane down the back, with the widow's peak that was thicker than it is now, five o'clock shadow, the check suits. They spent a lot of time on the look.'

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