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10/26/06 - THE CLASH honored with Rock Hall exhibit
On Saturday, "Revolution Rock: The Story of the Clash" opens to the public and will be on display until April 15, 2007 at the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame. Among the exhibit's pieces are instruments, including Simonon's famous smashed bass from the cover of "London Calling" - regarded as one of rock's finest recordings. The exhibit also includes stage clothing, memorabilia and original manuscripts from songs like "Know Your Rights" and "Clampdown."

Mick Jones said of the exhibit, "I've got mixed trepidation about seeing it, getting to the museum stage of life and still being alive," said Jones, who along with the late Joe Strummer, Topper Headon and Paul Simonon formed the Clash's classic lineup. Jones, who was kicked out of the Clash in 1983 following a dispute over the band's direction, went on to success with Big Audio Dynamite and is still making music. "I would have liked to have done more stuff," Jones said. "We never stopped learning, and even at the end we were doing great things. I would have liked to have done more."

Jones said he misses Strummer "terribly. I think of him a lot." Strummer died in 2002, just a few months before the band was inducted into the Rock Hall in 2003. The

Clash were honored three years before the Sex Pistols. While the Clash's surviving members attended their induction ceremony, the Pistols turned down their honor in a profane letter that was read during the hall's enshrinement gala earlier this year in New York.

"That's not the way we would have handled it," said Jones, who pushed for the Pistols' overdue induction. "We were proud to get in. It's a little like getting into the Baseball Hall of Fame, isn't it?"

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