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10/12/06 - JOE SATRIANI, Frustrations of Booking the G3 Tour, "Fear & Jealousy"
If he can get through the fears and ego's of the G3 hopefuls for the Australian tour, Satriani thinks the tour will be a great success. Some of the talent that he is trying to gain support from includes Yngwie Malmsteen, Robert Fripp, Kenny Wayne Shepherd for starters. He already has the nod of approval and support of Steve Vai and John Petrucci.

In an Australian interview, Satriani says, "This seems absurd, since the concept of gathering the greatest guitarists of our era together makes perfect sense". "I wanted to be able to play with other people on a regular basis," he muses, but it took a whole year to convince other agents, managers and players that it was a good idea. "I knew the audience was dying for it, because I was. I would've loved to see Hendrix, Beck, Page and Clapton get together on a regular basis."

Satriani attributes the initial difficulty to fear and jealousy, "You have to understand that before we did it, it didn't exist. You'd say to another guitarist that you should play regularly on the same bill, with someone who does just what you do and trade solos, the fear that would rise up on the other end of the phone," Satriani snickers, "We had to break down some conceptions we're all taught in the music business."

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