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10/05/06 - PANIC! AT THE DISCO is More Panicked over Motley Crue's Circus Tent

Panic! At The Disco knows that their recent tour has been done to death, with virtually the same set of songs played at every show for over a year. So for the upcoming November and December shows, they want to create a virtual, no, make that a literal circus, complete with "a house of mirrors, with ramps for us to come down. And in the front of the stage, underneath our keyboard and cello players, we're going to have animal cages, and we're going to put dancers painted to look like lions in there. I'm talking about full-body paint, with teeth and a tail." says guitarist Ryan Ross.

In order to pull off the Vegas meets circus theme, the band has inquired on the possible use of the circus tent used by Motley Crue on their 2005 Carnival of Sins tour. However, as generous as Nikki Sixx has been with his constant fundraising for his non-profit organization, it seems the Crue is a little less generous when it comes to band property. When asked about the tent, a Motley representative said that they might want to use it again at a later date, so for the moment, negotiations continue.

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