London / D'Priest Vocalist
Nadir D'Priest

FIB MUSIC:  What's new? What have you been up to lately? What's in the future?

Nadir:   Well! I recently hooked up with an old friend of mine named Eddie St. James, an amazingly talented guitar player. Eddie and myself are both from Pasadena, California, as you all know that is Van Halen town baby! We both went to high school in Pasadena, Ca and we would see the VH brothers putting around town in their purple van. I have not seen or talked to Eddie since back then. Mr. James is now the new guitarist for the "D'Priest's New London" band. By the way how's that sound, catchy HA! It's a whole new lineup.

FIB MUSIC:   How did the reformation of London, or the idea come about?

Nadir:  To be honest with you, I have been wanting to do the LONDON thing for years, as a matter of fact, my good friend Neely from the was the/ how should I say? The broker in working on making it happen. Unfortunately, due to severe and extreme trauma, some of the ex- LONDON band members have suffered and show no interest. So! I think that if they don't have any interest in the reunion idea, then begging is not going to happen. I would like to say that Neely and Chris at the have been strong supporters. These guys are special, I wish more people would have the heart that these two friends have. Thank you! So!! After I spoke to Eddie, he showed interest in being part of the Loooooong LONDON saga and we both decided on the name "D'Priest's New LONDON". It's a perfect name for the times and it really doesn't re-hash anything negative.

Nadir D'Priest 2006

FIB MUSIC:  What happened with Sean Lewis, I thought he was going to be involved?

Nadir:  Well, Sean Lewis is an attorney now and he has his plate full with his business and beautiful family, so I would not take him away from that. What is more important is his family. He is also my compadre, I am the godfather of his daughter Lolly Elizabeth Lewis. He can always join us anywhere, at any time. He is a good friend and he is always there for me. Tequila.

FIB MUSIC:  How many shows are you planning on doing? Are you going to just tour Europe?

   I believe there are about 14 shows planned for Europe in the summer, but I would like to do more. We will have more info for you as we get it. If all goes well, then we will play in the US / Asia. Are you kidding me and miss all the fun we can have on the road. NO WAY! HAHAHA. It's about time, don't you think?

FIB MUSIC:  Will you guys be playing songs from the three London / D'Priest albums? Do you have a set list, or possible set list?

Nadir:  We have been working on new material that Eddie has had under his belt, the songs are right up my alley. BUT! He is also working on the "Playa Del Rock" album and we will put together a 2-hour set and a 1-hour set. I would like to do some from "Don't Cry Wolf" and maybe "Non Stop Rock". You know what would be cool is to get some feedback from people and find out which songs they would like to hear. I think that's a great Idea. So please make song suggestions at DO IT!!
FIB MUSIC:  Who are the other musicians that are going to be involved?

Nadir:  Here are two names we have, Michael Leukal(Keys) Andy Nitsch (Drums) both from Mannheim- Karlsruhethere Germany. Also there is a search for the ultimate bass player going on as we speak, so if you are interested and in Europe and can blow the world away, contact management at or the MySpace page.

FIB MUSIC:   Tell us a little about the songs that are going to be on the album? Have they been recorded? Are they old school sounding? Can you compare it with anything you have done in the past? Or any other band?

Nadir:  Yes! The songs are part of that 80's, 90's period, some of the tunes or should I say the music was recorded in the 90's so it fits perfectly. Mr. St. James wrote the music but we will be collaborating to get the right sound. I really think that people are going to be very excited about this and also very impressed. I have begun recording vocals on a few and I am waiting for the rest of the songs. I am pumped-up about this and I don't want to drop the ball. I want to see this band get through it. The sound is more like LONDON / D'Priest with a bit of the Van Halen overtones. It's fucking good man. My voice is a bit thicker now, so it's manly MAN! I like it a lot...... matured quite a bit.

FIB MUSIC:  How many songs will be on the new cd?

Nadir:  At least 10 tunes. I would like more, but it all depends on the label and how much we can get away with. We will see. I definitely want to do a music video immediately. Hopefully, we can film it throughout Europe.

FIB MUSIC:  When are you planning the tour & cd release?

Nadir:  Tour will be summer of 2007 and the release depends on the label, that we choose to be with. We will wait and see who really loves us.

FIB MUSIC:   What are some of the musical projects Eddie St. James has done? Didn't he do an album for Capitol Records long ago?

Nadir:   He has done a lot here is some stuff, Eddie St.James: Guitar/Backing Vocals/Songwriter): "Ruthless" (Ruth Pointer) CBS, USA-1985(Non-released)"Hypnotica" (Jon Dunmore Band) ClearAudioRecords, Germany-1994 "Waiting for the sky to fall"(Richard Grieco/Jon Dunmore Band)Edel Records, Germany-1995 (Richard Grieco: actor, 21 Jump street-etc.) "Baptized by fire" (Jon Dunmore Band)Seagul/Semiphore, Germany-1995, Out of Nowhere(Maxi)Capitol-1989, Seeds(Demo-CD)1997 "Under Something blue" (Mega-Media)2003, The Orange Album(Mega Media)2006. Like I said he has done some stuff and I look forward working with him.

FIB MUSIC:  How is it working with Eddie?

Nadir:  So far so good, or else hahaha!! Just kidding. He and I came from a great time in our lives, so we have been part of the beginning, at a real young age. It's a pleasure working with him. NO not! That! Kind of pleasure you fucking queens.

FIB MUSIC:  Why has there still been no re-release for London's "Don't Cry Wolf"? Any news on that front?

Nadir:  Because my ass is tracking down all those people selling it without my permission and capitalizing on my image and likeness. I also want to do a "Don't Cry Wolf" DVD / CD set. I have tons of unreleased videos and all sorts of stuff from that period. Its real rare and it has a lot of value, not just monetary but sentimentally.

FIB MUSIC:  Have you talked to Mike Varney recently, about re-releasing Non-Stop Rock? What's his problem? Doesn't he realize there's a market for that release?

Nadir:  I am going to release it on my own with a whole new look. If there is any questions or problem, then I am sure my attorney will be glad to respond. We have tried to contact him / label, but they had no interest, nor any response. Its fun! Back then people that where involved directly or indirectly with LONDON wouldn't talk about the band. LONDON was Voo Doo it was what some people called the LONDON Curse. It was ridiculous.... the old label Noise Records (Karl Walterback President DE.) And Shrapnel Records (Mike Varney CEO USA) wont and DON'T! have the album available to this day. It's like bands are at their mercy and whenever they feel that they can exploit the material, then they will make it available. Its like they have a part of your body. So I will make that happen with a new company or on my own. Can't trust anyone anymore.

FIB MUSIC:  What about having Lizzie Grey involved in the reunion? Are you guys still not communicating?

Nadir:   No! We don't communicate and we won't be playing together at anytime.

FIB MUSIC:   What are your thoughts on putting together a type of super group with London? How about having Tony Richards (WASP) on drums?

Nadir:  Tony Richards was my drummer for a while he was an amazing hitter. This guy did not need to be mic'd. He was one of our best drummers from all the ones that we went through. He was a mad man, one of a kind a real cool dude. I think that its time for new blood and to start fresh. Me trying to rejuvenate the band by hooking up with old playmates is not what I have in mind. I do respect them all as players and as people. I need a fresh start with this one and I don't want to look back anymore. BUT! Never say never.

FIB MUSIC:   It wouldn't be right, if I didn't once again try and get you to tell your Axl Rose tales? Any chance we could be lucky enough to get the scoop?....or maybe just one good story?

Nadir:  He did my girlfriend that is tattooed on my right arm. OK! That's the best one.

FIB MUSIC:  How did you end up with the rights to London's Don't Cry Wolf?

Nadir:  Metal Head Records was not a Real! Label per say, it was a creation of our old investors. They would supply us with the funds to do what we needed to do and all they wanted was the deduction; just business in Hollywood as usual. We did not have a distribution deal, so there was a limited amount of albums being made. Management was also the label, which in the state of California it is illegal to do both management and record company. A BIG! Conflict of interest for the band. LONDON, being Nadir D'Priest, Lizzie Grey & Brian West did not give a shit, we needed to do a new album. That was our only mission to get things done. So! that was all really. We made a lot of mistakes, business-wise, but who didn't. Our manager/investors gave me the masters and the rights to it. I believe, at that time, things were already starting to crumble. Management was involved in many illegal ventures and we did not want any part of it. We knew what we wanted to do for the band. I just kept pushing for the band to keep playing live and to be bigger than ever. We were a happy bunch for a while, I was determined to make things happen, no matter what. I believe that Lizzie did too but! something happened along the way. I just don't know what that is.....I feel that I might of said or done something. But you know what? There is more to the story. He can answer that part of it when you talk to him. Brian was always the guy that would be more understanding he was also smart with his money he had a family to worry about. I just found out through an acquaintance that the "Don't Cry Wolf" album is available as a re-release. I cant fucking believe that happening or maybe I should. Many people have contacted me regarding this album, a friend of mine in the UK, and others. I guess there is a guy in Nevada who owns a Web-based record company who specializes in old 80's glam/Rock albums. Its funny I have never authorized or re-released the album. I am actually working on re-mastering the album and adding video to it. I guess someone is going to have to contact me ASAP to settle this. It is really sad to see and hear that people who call you to help you music wise are REALLY FUCKING YOU!, at the same time. This is not going to be fun for them. You know who you are so make an effort to settle this without having to meet a Superior Judge. I won't mention your name, but we both know what has been done. There are also other bands that have had the same thing happen to them, SO PAY UP MAN! It's on.

FIB MUSIC:  What was it like working with Slash?

Nadir:   Never worked with him directly, just saw him around. Mr. Grey can answer that. Nice guy.

FIB MUSIC:  What was it like working with Izzy Stradlin? Any memory / memories stand out?

Nadir:   Izzy, Well! He was a very easy-going guy, he was always coming up with riffs for songs....he was cool. Smoked a lot. Always cordial to me. We used to hang out at bars on the sunset strip. Here is a story for ya'll. Once we were real desperate for money, so we decided to go to the Beverly Hills Hotel and pick up on women. I mean women who where loaded with ca$h. We thought that we could grab a few desperate ones and empty out their purse, HAHAHA. It was fucking funny man, we stood out like crazy, drinks cost around $10.00 a pop so I believe we had A! Round. That's like $15.00 now-a-days. What were we thinking? Two young, good-looking musicians dressed to the gill, hanging at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills with no money. AHHH! Those were the days; no real responsibility, just Rock & Roll 24/7. There will never be anything like it EVER!
FIB MUSIC:  In Lizzie Grey's interview, he said that the reason Izzy left was because you had beat him up. What happened?

Nadir:  Let's get this straight, Mr. L Grey never really liked Izzy OK! The reason being, Izzy would come up with tunes and ideas. Izzy was a rhythm guitar player, as far as Mr. Grey was concerned. I believe that Mr.Grey did not want anyone to write the tunes. He wanted all the credits for songwriting, which is fine, if you are the only one with all the song ideas in the band. He was very insecure about this or maybe just greedy. On our BMI Publishing split, we had to re-negotiate the percentage split between Brian West, Mr. Grey and myself. Brian and I contributed a lot and we wanted a fair split. We did not get the split we wanted, but we took what we could. We wanted to keep things cool. That is the way it was as far as I recall. We made things happen as a band and for him to have that attitude is not unusual. We thought we were a team, sad but true, it eventually came to an end. The Izzy fight well! The story is that I had a girlfriend, her name was Valerie Kendall, she was amazingly HOT! I met her in Hollywood, it was small circle of Hot! Girls in Hollywood. She hit on me and we had a bit of chemistry, so we started hanging together daily and staying at her house at West View Towers. She was in the middle of a nasty divorce from none other than Alex Van Halen....drummer of you know the band, Van Halen. I was banging this girl, we were steady so I thought. One summer day I woke up and found a little leak in my plumbing. I was very surprised by this, cause I was only doing Valerie. I confronted her and eventually after drilling her for a while, she did admit banging Izzy and that's were the origin of the leak came from. I called Tracii Guns at his mom's house and asked him if Izzy was there, he said yes! Izzy would sleep on his couch every so often. I went there, confronted him, asked him if he was banging Valerie, he denied it in my face. At that point, I was very upset since she had told me that he did bang her. Basically I think that I was mostly upset about the lovely gift he had transferred to the both of us. So! Without any notice, within a split second, I punched him in the face, once.... I wanted more, but! He did not want any part of it. He was scared and I don't blame him, I would have been to, if I did that to my bandmate. In those days, I was very volatile for some reason and I was notorious for my temper. I did not take shit from anyone. I warned him to stay away from her or else. I left Traci's house back to the rehearsal room as nothing happened I had a drink of vodka and smoked a joint. So that's it. So I guess I was part of the departure of Mr. Stradlin. By the way, I eventually found out that she was a heroin junky and was banging many guys, including Jeff Beck among some. In LONDON we explained the rules clearly to all and one of them was that WE! did not bang each other's girls. Whores, girlfriend's, slut's, groupies, any of them. Your meat was yours only, no sharing or proprietary control of all pussy. The reason was that this would avoid any conflict between the band and that way we would all have no conflicts over an important factor. Can you believe how our minds worked, the analogy. Funny stuff.
Nadir D'Priest 1987
@ The Roxy Theatre, Hollywood

FIB MUSIC:  Didn't Fred Coury of Cinderella record on London's Non Stop Rock? What was it like working with him? Any memories stand out?

Nadir:   Let's clear this once and for all.... Fred never played on "Non Stop Rock", NEVER! The drummer was Bobby Marks from ( Keel, Ratt). He was the man at the time. I found Fred at Mattes rehearsal studios while he was auditioning for Ozzy's live gigs back then. Obviously, he did not get the gig, so I asked him to join LONDON and he did. We did live shows and of course he made the back cover of " Non Stop Rock". Freddie was very ambitious for a 19 year old and LONDON was not big enough for him and his head. He was a good drummer live and had a good personality he was a bit fat at the time, but we did not care. I really liked him, but eventually he departed and went to join Cinderella. The rest you all know. By the way, I visited him in upstate NY at his parents house, very, very nice people. He introduced me to buffalo wings for the first time in my life. Love them wings Fred, thank you bro. Last time I saw him was at a gig at Paladinos in the valley, we spoke briefly, exchanged numbers and that's it.

FIB MUSIC:  Why did he leave the band?

Nadir:   Ambition and he knew what he wanted music wise. He knows what's up. Fred is a good kid, I wish him the best. Don't go Hollywood on me though; I know what's up.

FIB MUSIC:   In our first interview you told us a great story about Nikki Sixx. Any other cool Motley stories? Any Tommy Lee stories?

Nadir:  The only story I have is the first time I met Tommy at Larry & Althea Flynt's mansion in Bel Air. For some reason he wanted to kick my ass; I had never met the dude before. I believe it was because of my reputation and being the singer of LONDON and for doing his sister Athena. It would have been a good fight, the match was perfect. That's all folks.

FIB MUSIC:   Do you remember the first time you met Lizzie Grey?

Nadir:   You know what? I don't remember that at all, in any way, he does though, so ask him...maybe it will refresh the moment. All I know is that as soon as we hooked up, we became partners and did everything together. This being, we were on a mission to make LONDON a success. We designed everything ourselves, designed flyer's, costumes, stages, props and even did our own pyrotechnics. We were called the Heckle & Jeckle of Hollywood. We did many things together. Once, on our way to do a showcase for MCA, I rode on the back of his little motorcycle, on Burbank blvd, with a backpack on my back, with my vodka and miscellaneous. When all of the sudden, a pick-up truck pulls in front of us, hitting the passenger window, with Lizzy's head on the passenger window and me flying in the air about 10 feet. Paramedics arrived and started looking for me under the truck. Eventually, I was found unconscious in the back of the bed of the pick-up. Woke up, dusted myself off and off we went to the showcase. We played in full garb, wearing what we wore on the cover of "Don't Cry Wolf". After, we celebrated the unsuccessful showcase, drank vodka & Jack Daniels. Many things happened...... there is so much more, but it would take me hours. It will all be on my book eventually.
FIB MUSIC:  Were you already aware of London at the time? Had you ever seen them perform? Any London shows stand out?

Nadir:  Yes! I did as a matter of fact, saw them twice and met them.... they probably would have never remembered, but I do.

FIB MUSIC:  What was it like working with Lizzie Grey? How would you describe him as a musician?

Nadir:  In the beginning, we were inseparable, working was great, there was a lot of excitement; me being the new singer and all. We would work on tunes and the stage shows.... many ideas. I think that we had to say the bands name daily, LONDON LONDON. It was a cool feeling to be at a 110% daily, that is all we did. We would go to the Rainbow and pick up on birds, we had great parties and girls and more girls. Lots of great times. As a musician, he was a good songwriter, he had good ideas. He could play really good rhythm guitar and had that old school feel to him. You got to remember that it was the 60's, 70's and 80's all into one. So the influence of music was great; I liked his playing lots, still do.

FIB MUSIC:  But you guy's were good friends while you were both in London, right?

Nadir:   As far as I knew Yes! We were good friend, we were partners in crime, so I thought.

FIB MUSIC:  Any good Blackie Lawless stories come to mind?

Nadir:  Nope, just that I saw him broken down in his black Jaguar Xj6 on the 101 Freeway many many years ago.
And I sang one of his songs on the album. He is a good, at least he has been, each time I have seen him.

FIB MUSIC:  At what point was Tony Richards in the band? Was he in London? How long was he in the band?

Nadir:  I don't remember the exact time, but it was LONDON with Brian, Lizzie, and myself. I think he was with us for maybe six months or so. I have not spoken to him in years. Good guy, always a fun time with him.

FIB MUSIC:  What was the budget for the D'Priest Playa del Rock album? How long did it take to record?

Nadir:  Not much I would say around $90,000.00 US, not including music videos etc. It took 9 months to do which was a looong time. Our producer Richie Podolor was very picky about the studio work, so we had to go at his pace. Bill Cooper, his partner, was also an essential part of it. American Recording studios... great place to be.

FIB MUSIC:  Anything stand out from the video shoot for Ride Through the Night?

Nadir:  The overall concept the people involved and the horses. I think that there were about 6 million Arabian horses running through the TV screen. We had a great time filming it.

(L-R) Nadir D'Priest, Rik Fox, Fred Coury

FIB MUSIC:   Rik Fox's band SIN and your band London were two of the biggest local LA bands. Were you friends? What did you think of his band SIN?

Nadir:  Rik and I did not see eye to eye, in the beginning, but eventually we started going to his house..... to his and his girlfriend's bar-b-Que. He was very popular with the girls and was a good show man. I saw SIN many times and personally, I liked them. Lots of good players in the band. One of the good guys.

FIB MUSIC:  Any cool Althea Flynt stories come to mind?

Nadir:   Althea was a special lady. One night we had been partying at a mansion on the Hollywood Hills. It was Althea, Joe Perry, Tommi Moodi and a bunch of girls. She decided to take a few people back to her house. Joe split with his manager to his hotel. Once, at her home, she was upset about something, I think it was her neighbors, who I believe was Johnny Carson. They were complaining about the noise, so she responded by shooting an Ar-15 at their palm trees. I mean, we were fucking laughing our asses off; security was trying to get her to go into the house. What a night, it was unreal.

FIB MUSIC:  Anything else you want to add?

Nadir:  Just that I am really looking forward to the "D'Priest New London" tour and that I would like everyone to come to our shows. It's going to be something very special, since I haven't performed those tunes in years. So please join us and send us your input at
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