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Nicholas Cage
Mikey's Mosh Pit
System of a Down
Mars Volta
Bad Acid Trip
American Airlines Arena
Dallas, TX

Ever feel like life is a series of coincidences? One of the best concerts I've been to in recent memory was the circumstances of a series of fortunate events. Sitting in a bar last Wenesday night in Dallas, I was getting digusted by a chick at the bar who had decided to play, literally, the whole System of Down album. I'm guessing she was probably at the conert too. By the end of this night however, I was full of hatred of System of a Down, and I didn't even know they were in concert the next night. Enter my buddy Shawn, with a phone call the next afternoon around four o'clock. He just got two platinum level seats at the American Airlines for the System of a Down concert. I shrugged, and told him, lets go! I never turn down an excuse to drink, party and look at hot women. (They were there too.)

The opening band was Bad Acid Trip. I've never done acid, but If I had a bad trip, I imagine it would involve this band. They yelled, they screamed, and they sucked. I can do without completely thrash punk rock though, so if that's your bag, you might dig it.

The next band was one I'd never heard of, but I've been told I'm a dumbass for not. That's why I stick to movies instead of music. I just listen to classic rock for the most part. The Mars Volta was right up my alley. A cross of Pink Floyd instrumentation and the vocals of a man that could sing with the likes of Robert Plant. Blacklit stage and the aroma of pot in the air made this bands sound and style mesmerizing. I will be checking out more of this groups exciting sound. There was no way System could top this.

System of a down opened with a curtain fall to an insane crowd. An awesome operatic voice on the lead singer and thrashing guitar. I quickly found myself enthralled in the scene. The first thirty minutes of the show most of my attention was to the floor watching a blistering moshpit and a topless chick on someones shoulders. I'm pretty sure it was that girl from the bar that played the whole album, but I could be wrong.

It just goes to show me I couldn't have been so wrong on my first impression. I forget sometimes what it's like to be a younger man in my early twenties and late teens. This bands music, style, and energy reminded me of that. It explains the energy of the show and the people there. I hope you get an opportunity to see this band at some point of your life, I'm certainly glad coincidence and fate allowed me to.