Geoff Tate

Mikey at the Movies

The original ring brought a new genre of horror film about in America. The Japanese style horror film were a bit more intelligent, but every bit as gory as your atypical Nightmare slashers.

The sequel to this film continues where the last left off. Therein lies the problem. The content is much the same as the original only with slight variations. Infact it bore striking resemblances to the Elm Street stories. Freddie comes into your dream to kill you, then in the sequel, takes over a body to kill others. The Ring, the girl comes out of your TV to kill you. The Ring Two, tries to take over a young boy, and kill others. Rachel has left Seattle to escape the tape, and when she finds it; it begins to destroy her and her sons life again. Fans of the original film will undoubtedly enjoy the film, as it explores the history of Somara further, and you get to meet her real cooky ass mother, she was adopted. If you've never seen the Ring, give up watching this film and go rent the original, it's even worth buying I think.

However leave this one on the shelf at the store, rent it at Blockbuster, and if you really like it, it won't take much time to get it at the "bad movie cheap used copy bin." That's it for this week, and please contribute to you local charity for hurricane Katrina victims. I've seen first hand here in Dallas how these people are getting by, and they need your help.