Ted Koppel

Mikey at the Movies

The human drama is played out in the movies everyday.
Think of dramas like Titanic, Shawshank Redemption, even Armageddon, yes I cried at those movies.
The fact is... turn on CNN, FOX news, or MSNBC and you see the human drama played out, outside of the movies. People who have truly lost everything they own and know. Yes, there are the jackasses stealing shoes that deserve to be shot, hung, drawn and fucking quartered. I wish so much ill will towards those assholes who have chosen to take advantage of such a tragic situation instead of others. Some people loot for food, diapers, or other basic living neccessities to take care of their families and their lives in a such a situation that the ol' USA hasn't imagined since 9/11. On comparison there is none. What has happened in the past week, is incomparable to the pain that some people are enduring due to Katrina as to 9/11. As put by some, "this is our Tsunami!" Take a moment out from worrying about movies, dinner at the Outback, or who will win a stinking football game, and worry about where some poor soul will live now that their entire life, city, and welfare has been washed away in one instant. Take some time out to take care of those not as fortunate as us. Look around at what you have and be thankful for a moment. Then spend a moment for another American family who had nothing to begin with, and sadly nothing to show now. It only takes a little bit, 5 dollars, ten, twenty, what ever any of us can spare is more than they have now.

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