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Imagine a dark world, everything black and white, except what matters. Sin City portrays the dark writings of Frank Miller of the Dark Knight fame; for you wankers that don't know, that's Batman. The film is predominately without color except, for example, the red lipstick of a woman, or a yellow complexion of a creature so evil you can't describe, and he's human.

The only way I know to describe the movie is as a sequel to Pulp Fiction, and with it's strong ties to the guest director Quentin Tarrantino, it's not hard to believe. Robert Rodriquez did most of the work directing and writing, with support from Miller himself.

The movie plays out like an old Bogart movie, lot's of narration, but very, very dark and violent beyond what they could have ever done in Humphrey's age of movies. The dialogue is well written and versed by an all star cast including Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, Michael Madsen, and Elijah Wood (definitely not Frodo here) among many others.

The movie lacks believability at times, but works well, because it moves as a noir comic book. You almost see the characters as a comic book coming to life. Rain, yet the characters don't get wet, nearly you can read the thought bubbles, and screams of a man in the throws of a heart attack.

The movie can move slowly at times but it builds to several climaxes. I recommend this flick to any fan of Tarrantino or Rodriguez movies. Keep the kids away though, way to graphic, and mature. Rape, torture, death, gore, love, sex, passion is my idea of one hell of a story, but it's not for everyone. See you guys next week, until then forget the movies, watch a DVD.

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