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Constantine is a dark film about the war on earth of angels and demons. It reminds me a bit of Prophecy if you recall the old Christopher Walken film. Of course the star of this film is ol' Neo himself, Keanu Reeves. I represent the small minority of people in this world who actually believe he can act while saying words more than, whoa, dude, or excellent Bill.

Reeves plays John Constantine, a man born with a gift to see half-breed angels and demons walking amongst us trying to influence the war between heaven and hell. The gift drove him to a failed suicide attempt condemning his soul to hell. The movie picks up years after this as Constantine has spent the rest of his life trying to fine redemption kicking the ass of Satan's minions back south to a lake of fire.

Despite this, half-breed angels have told him, to quote, "You're fucked." Facing lung cancer and near death the movie takes you on a wild ride of special effects as John tries to help solve the suicide of a police lieutienant's sister, that could lead to his salvation.

The movie isn't academy award material, but it is very entertaining. The story line is solid, yes I think the acting is sold too. This is a DVD that should find it's way onto your shelves for multiple viewing. That's it for now...c'ya.

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