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I was a huge fan of Ocean's 11. Big actors, big budget, big film, big blockbuster. So, without a doubt, I had high hopes for Ocean's 12. Not enough to rush out and see it, but DVD's you see, I love. I purchased the movie along with Blade: Trinity. Blade is cool, I mean c'mon, always bet on black is what Wesley Snipes says in Passenger 57.

However Ocean's 12 is not a safe bet. The most enjoyable part of the film is about Andy Garcia's character chasing down the the eleven that ripped him off. The latter part of the film is about how they have to pay him back, with interest, by taking on their "next big heist." It doesn't hold a candle to the original like so many sequels try. Some sequels try to reinvent the wheel and succeed, others like the 12, try to keep the original turning... or in this case try to turn a broken wheel. So import Catherine Zeta Jones, and try to spin another suprising job that is hard to believe, yet plausible. The prize is a Fabrge' egg, and I'd have rather laid that egg than paid money to see this film. Wait for cable.

Blade III is not a dynamic sequel either, but the chemistry of the film works. Snipes, Jessica Biel (She makes me want to touch myself.....okay, better now,) and Jason Lee, a la every Jay and Silent Bob Movie, makes for a fun ride. Don't expect much, and you'll enjoy the film for what it is. Blade vs. Dracula and the fate of the world. Biel plays Blade's sidekick's daughter. (You might remember Whistler played by Kris Kristoferson from such blockbusters as Convoy.) She warms up by listening to her IPOD to tune up for vampyre killing, so she's got that going for her. It's worth a gander, but wait for the used copies for 10 bucks. So folks t'aint much to Mikey's Movies this week, but Constantine and Duke's are on the list for this week, stay tuned for updates. Same bat time, same bat channel. Until then the balcony is closed, after all, Ebert can't fit through the door.

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