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Matthias Jabs

Matthias Jabs is a German guitarist and songwriter, most known for playing in the Scorpions. Matthias was born on October 25, 1955 in Hannover, Federal Republic of Germany.

It wasn't until Ulrich (Uli Jon Roth) Roth left the Scorpions in 1978, that the Scorpions began to hold auditions for his replacement. Out of 140 different guitarists, Matthias was the man they chose to fill the position.

Matthias recorded his first studio album with the Scorpions in 1979. The album was entitled "Lovedrive" and it became the bands first international sensation peaking at #55 in the United States. They followed up the album with a tour, however, Matthias was replaced when guitarist Michael Schenker wanted to rejoin the band. Only a few weeks into the tour, Michael was beginning to miss shows and on one occasion passed out on stage. On these occasions, Jabs was used to fill in and, in April of 1979, he was brought in as a permanent replacement for Michael Scheckner. Since becoming a permanent piece to the band Jabs has not left, recording 14 albums from 1979 to their most current.

During the 80's, Jabs used a 1963-64 black Fender Stratocaster, which he referred to as his "trouble guitar". This guitar was customized with Bill Lawrence L90 pickups and a Floyd Rose floating bridge, which he used for recording songs that needed a tremelo. Jabs tends to use Gibson Explorer guitars and even designed an Explorer for Gibson known as the Explorer 90. Matthias also has a signature Fender Stratocaster, known as the "Jabocaster". Nowadays, Jabs, as well as the rest of the Scorpions, use a German guitar brand known as Dommenget, which recently released his newest signature model guitar known as the "Mastercaster".

Matthias Jabs Gear

Guitars & Pickups
1963-64 black Fender Stratocaster
Bill Lawrence L90 pickups
Floyd Rose floating bridge

Gibson Explorer
Gibson Explorer 90

Fender Stratocaster - Jabocaster

Dommenget guitars

Seymour Duncan JB pickups

Acoustic guitars - Ovation 6 as well as 12 string guitars

D'addario guitar strings
Dunlop picks

During the 80's Jabs used Masrshall JCM 800 2210 amplifiers

50 watt Marshall and two loudspeakers

In addition: Marshall amplifiers, Wizard cabinets, Hiwatt, Engl, Fender Prosonic, and Soldano amps and cabinets

Kitty Hawk preamps

Jabs is not a big fan of guitar effects.

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This question was sent in by Kelly G. - Just interested in what he uses for the guitar solo in The Zoo, its some kind of effect, but i'm not sure what it is..Can you help me please?

Producer / Engineer / Instructor Charles England was kind enough to field this question
"Well, it is definitely what is commonly known as a talkbox. The device works like this, it's a small horn driver, powered usually from the same amp used to power the 4x12 cabinets. A long tube is then run from the sealed driver".......Read the entire answer at this location

You can read more Q&A's from Charles at Ask Charles.

Matthias Jabs Discography


Lovedrive 1979
Animal Magnetism 1980
Blackout 1982
Love At First Sting 1984
World Wide Live 1985
Savage Amusement 1988
Crazy World 1990
Face The Heat 1993
Live Bites 1995
Pure Instinct 1996
Eye To Eye 1999
Moment Of Glory 2000
Acoustica 2001
Unbreakable 2004
Humanity-Hour I 2007

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