Wow. Where do I start? The Basement? Well first I'll start by saying that this is a cd review of a live show for Terrence Lee's post-Pantera band, called Lord Tracy. The recording is from a show all the way back on December 22, 1989, at the Basement, in Dallas TX, and was broadcast live on the metal radio station Z-ROCK. I'll also add, THE Basement was THE place during the late 80's, early 90's for all up and coming rock bands and in my book, the best place to waste your mind, forget the stress of life and wake up next to a girl the following day. Obviously cliche; you didn't remember her name and you are only left with flashing memories of her; sideways, pressed against a wall, bent over a table, or butterflied in her closet, while her brother slept in the adjoining room. The Basement is responsible for, I would say, at the very least, half of my trips to the doctor. A place where you slept with the door girl, so you could always get in for free...do I need to continue...I'm not sayin'......
Well.... Now, that I have horrified you.....uh.um....

Being a regular at the Basement, I had the pleasure of seeing Lord Tracy (LIVE) several times. At least by now, everyone visiting the site knows that Terrence was coming off his reign in Dallas, after being a bona fide superstar in Pantera, so it did not take long before Lord Tracy was one of Dallas' main attractions. From the first song on the cd, I am instantly taken back to that place, that smell, that vibe.

Very impressive recording by, famed engineer / producer, Downtown Danny Brown. Terry's voice sounds great. Even though there is little resemblance to his voice from the Pantera records, it was always perfect for Lord Tracy. His fellow musicians are nothing to sneeze at either; the great Barney (Kinley Wolfe) (Black Oak Arkansas, The Cult, Jack Ingram) on bass and Jimmy R on guitar....where are the rhythm rats..man?

Terry's rants between songs make for some fun intros, other highlights for me were "Barney's Bass Solo", which is mind-altering, also their hit, "Out with the Boys" and the classic, "Piranha". The cd is packed with 17 tracks of pure fun. My only complaint? If there was only a way to see the hard hat girls get their heads beat with drumsticks…now that's entertainment. "Live" is a perfect introduction cd for anyone not familiar with Lord Tracy, it absolutely captures the essence of what they really were; a great live band and for those of you who already love the band....WHAT THE F#*K are you waiting for? - AI

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