Malfunkshun, Devilhead, Fireants, Hippie Glitz guitarist
and brother to the late, great Andrew Wood
Kevin Wood

FIBM:   What's new, what have you been up to lately and what's in the future?

Kevin Wood:  I am in a band called Hippie Glitz; I am doing lead vocals and lead guitar. We are doing old Malfunkshun material, as well as Devilhead and Fireants stuff and we're doing some new stuff and select covers. I also have a website called where I sell bootlegs, rehearsal tapes, old recordings of Andy's and Malfunkshun and Mother Love Bone stuff.

I am looking to go to Europe with the guys from Brad coming up, possibly going on a small tour, playing some old Malfunkshun tunes. We're trying to book some Italian gigs. I'll be playing guitar with Sean Smith on vocals

I got to go to Italy last year and play a tribute show with some italian guys and I played lead guitar with some Seattle tribute bands.

FIBM:   How many siblings do you have other than Andrew?

Kevin Wood:  one other brother named Brian, we were in the Fireants with Chad Channing and then Devilhead as well, we put out 2 cd's.

FIBM:   I actually read the last interview that Andrew Wood ever did and he says that Brian was the brother that everyone worried about.

Kevin Wood:  Yeah, he was literally living on the streets for some time. He was definitely way out there... We were pretty seemed like he was a lost cause for awhile, but he bounced back and is living a fairly normal life right now.

FIBM:  What does he do now?

Kevin Wood:  He buys and sells cars & boats.

FIBM:  Not a bad life

Kevin Wood:  no...he makes good money doing it. He's never had a real job and that's what he has been doing forever.

FIBM:  What brought him off the streets?

Kevin Wood:  I don't know, he just kind of came out of was a gradual thing. He hooked up with some girl, moved in and had a roof over his head and eventually just kind of got into more "real world" living. When he joined Fireants with me, back in '91 or '92, he was just beginning to live like everybody else, (laugh) as far as not living on the streets I guess.

FIBM:  What kind of environment did you guys grow up in? Did you have both parents the whole time growing up?

Kevin Wood:  Yeah, pretty much. I guess they divorced in my early twenties. It was a fairly stable household, you know, it was all right. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Brian Wood

FIBM:  How did you get started in music. What was the musical environment like when you were growing up?

Kevin Wood:  We were exposed to music when we were children and hip to it. My parents were always really into listening to music and having good hi-fi equipment. They liked music a lot and when we started wanting to play music they were completely supportive of us learning to play instruments and doing things like that. They always said we could do whatever we wanted to do if we applied ourselves.

FIBM:  Did your parents ever play an instrument?

Kevin Wood:  Early on my father played french horn and my mom was singer, but they never pursued it past secondary school.

FIBM:  What were some of the bands that they played in your house while you guys were growing up?

Kevin Wood:  The first music I can remember hearing were the was totally into rock, you know, she grew up in the 50's and she was listening to rock n roll when it was just coming out. It was mostly the black artists and the rhythym & blues stuff. Then she hooked onto the Beatles..I remember listening to that with my brother Brian and us just going nuts and then she bought Sgt. Peppers when it came out and.....I don't know, she exposed us to a lot of really cool music. My dad was into country & western, which back in the day, it was a lot different than what it is now. The old Dolly Parton, Porter Wagener, Buck Owens...I mean those old twangers, it had a lot more soul than the new guys, if you ask me. I don't particularly care for country music and I never really did. My mom was also into Jose Felliciano and Elton John which we just totally loved, and then we just kind of ventured into our own territory and started listening to the hard stuff like Judas Priest, Aerosmith, Kiss, Sabbath, Zeppelin....

Mother Love Bone


FIBM:   It's funny, because I think a lot of people grouped Mother Love Bone in with the Seattle grunge sound, but I never thought of them as a grunge band. To me, especially on some of the earlier stuff, there was a Dogs D'amour, even Faster Pussycat vibe, but much better.....

Kevin Wood:   Yeah, well Mother Love Bone especially, because they conciously were trying to get into that genre know, Guns n Roses was big at that time, and they (Mother Love Bone) were trying to dress like that and they tried to make music like that, but Andy was always original, a lot of the times he would go along with what they were doing...this is my perception, but he, especially when they started to get more grounded, Andy started to go back to what he did best, which was be original. But yeah, Mother Love Bone was always trying to be like Guns n Roses...early on. I never understood why they got categorized as grunge and Malfunkshun certainly wasn't grunge because, in fact, Malfunkshun was denied by Sub Pop, they didn't want us on the label, because we were not grunge enough. Sub Pop was signing bands like Nirvana and we would listen to that stuff and say that's grunge and we were definitely not trying to be grunge.

FIBM:   Plus Andy's lyrics were so completely different, from anything I have ever heard.

Kevin Wood:
   Oh, I know....they were genius.

FIBM:  If you could give us a brief history of Malfunkshun, when you formed, what year, how long were you together.

Kevin Wood:
   We formed in 1980 and lasted until 1988. We put together our first tape on Easter in 1980. Regan joined the band probably six months later. We just pretty much learned to play together in that band and started playing gigs in Seattle. We started out in the punk circle..we weren't really a punk band, but we could play some of that speed punk...we got gigs, it was a smaller scene and it was close knit. Over the years we became the band with the longest lived history, although we never really got a huge following. We gigged all the time, just in Seattle. We never put out our own stuff; we were always looking for someone else to do it for us. Looking back, that was probably not the route to take. We all had it in our mind that it would just all come together.

FIBM:   But didn't you guys release Return to Olympus?

Kevin Wood:   No that was released later, I think that even came out after Andy died even. Those were a bunch of demos that we put together in '86, I think.

FIBM:   But you did record those tracks in a studio?

Kevin Wood:   Yeah, it was our first venture into a studio, as a matter of fact. We did four sessions and two of the sessions were mixdown. We just went in an just haphhazzardly threw that shit down an we always talked about going in and polishing it up and working on it some more, but we never did and we broke up and it got left the way it was.
FIBM:   Did you do a cassette release of Return to Olympus, at that time?

Kevin Wood:   Oh yeah, we did that, but we were doing that all along. Making tapes and passing them out. You know, I still got tons of them. Some of the ones I am selling on are actually tapes that I have turned into cd's. Like the one, "For Mom" cd...Andy made it for our mom, for her birthday and I borrowed it from her. I wondered how I was going to encode it..I was going to break it all up, but it was impossible, there is so much stuff on there and plus everytime I stopped and started the tape, I wonder if the tape was going to break, because the thing is like 20 years old. So I just let it run and encoded the whole thing.

FIBM:   What are some of those songs like on the "For Mom" release?

Kevin Wood:   It's got some piano stuff, a lot of acoustic stuff, it's really rough though..sonically. It was done in his bedroom.

FIBM:   Did he record it using a four track or just straight to a jam box?

Kevin Wood:   Most of the stuff on the site is straight to jam box..I had a little four track that we did some stuff on.
FIBM:   At what point did you & Andy start getting into drugs?

Kevin Wood:   Probably the same time most kids did, in high school..around that time.

FIBM:   I know that Andrew really like heroin. Did you do the drug as well?

Kevin Wood:   No, no..I didn't go as far as Andy far as the drug experimentation. He hung out with other people. When he started to come of age, he moved to Seattle and he started hanging out with other people that I didn't know. I didn't see him too much, except for band activities and he hooked into some friends that were into needle drugs. I really had no idea the extent of it. This is the honest truth; I had no idea. I mean, I knew he did it every now and then, because he would talk about it, but I had no idea it was such a big deal in his life.

FIBM:  Was there ever a moment where you noticed? Did it ever affect his songwriting, or performance?

Kevin Wood:   No, the creative juices were always flowing with that guy. I became kind of alarmed, he ended up getting hepatitis and ended up in the hospital and then rehab. Then he got out of rehab and I saw him at a party...his girlfriend was loading a bowl of weed with some coke in it and I couldn't believe it, because he had just gotten out of rehab for coke...and she was throwing out the coke and I said hey do you know what you're doing here, I mean he just got out of rehab for this and Andy said, yeah, yeah everything is fine, I've got a handle on it", that was the thing, Andy would shine you on the whole time. I just didn't take it any further, because I was busy partying at the time. I was getting loaded; I used to drink a lot, smoke weed, take acid and mushrooms. But I never got into coke or heroin; it just never seemed like the thing I wanted to do. I did, however, think it was all that dangerous....I was pretty naive about it. If I would have known it was so dangerous, I would have said something earlier. You know, I ratted him out one time and told our mom what he was doing, because she was bitching about my heavy drinking. So I said, well what about Andy, your golden boy (laughs), he's shooting up you she confronted him about it and he was pissed at me for a long time after that. But he tried to get clean again.

FIBM:   This was during Malfunkshun, or after?

Kevin Wood:   This was during and after. He was at my house one time and he pulls out this piece of black tar heroin and says, "look at this, this is for later"....and I said, "Jesus Christ man, you're just about to make it big, you're just about there, don't fucking blow it". He said "everything is fine, I just do it every once in awhile". Then before I know it, he's back in rehab. At that time, when he was in Mother Love Bone, I didn't see him at all. He was pretty much gone all the time.

FIBM:  What touring or recording?

Kevin Wood:   Well touring and just hanging out. We lived in different areas, he was in Seattle...I was just starting a family and had my first child, in 1989. I was doing my thing, doing my own bands, starting a family. I cleaned up completely and had been clean and sober for two years.

FIBM:   Did you go to treatment as well.

Kevin Wood:   No I never went to treatment. I just did it on my own, cold turkey. Went to AA meetings for awhile. I got my shit together. Then Andy finally got out of treatment and we had some good laughs about the old days. I really felt like he was on track again and be sober. But, in fact.....I had a dream about him the day before he OD'D, I had a dream that he was drinking a beer. Recovery, if you have ever been in the program, the thinking is that you have to quit everything..which I don't necessarily buy into anymore. So back to the dream, I call Andy and say "hey, I had a dream about you using again" and he says, "no, no, everything is fine", just blowing it off like he always did. Then the next night I get a call from my dad saying that he had OD'D.

FIBM:  and that was when he passed away?

Kevin Wood:   Yea.

FIBM:   So he lived for awhile after the overdose?

Kevin Wood:   Yeah, he was on life support for a little while. I don't know all the specifics, but he was on a breather for a while and he was responsive in some ways....I mean, there was a chance that he was going to come back, but during the time they had him hooked up to life support, he had a hemorrhage aneurysm and lost all brain function....that was like the third day that he had been in there and they (doctors) said...well you know, his brain....there is nothing going on in there, you may as well pull the plug. So we all just stood around and know like on tv when they have the machine, the heart just got slower and slower and then was just a flatline. That was it, you know.

FIBM:  That must have been horrible.

Kevin Wood:   Yeah, it was pretty god damn horrible was horrible....and then Xana, his girlfriend, came in and fucking cut off his hair...yea, it was pretty god damn awful. It was like the biggest grieving trauma experience I have had to ever deal with. Just imagine my mother and was even worse on them.

FIBM:  Whatever happened to Xana? What is she doing now?

Kevin Wood:  She surfaced last summer, she came to the film premiere (Andrew Wood Story), in Seattle.....then she came over to my house on the fourth of July. She's called a couple of times since. I don't really know where she is right now, but she seemed to be alright when I saw her. Before that, I hadn't seen her for a long time.

FIBM:  Since Andrew passed away?

Kevin Wood:   Yeah...she's been in and out.

FIBM:  You mean, in and out of treatment?

Kevin Wood:  I don't know if she's been in and out of treatment...I think she was in and out of jail. But I don't know what for.

FIBM:  Tell us about some of the cd's on your website. Let's start with the one called, "Untitled Demo".

Kevin Wood:   Yeah, that's some cuts that were done on the four track, I don't know what they are...the titles, so I didn't name them. It is probably the most sonically pleasing of the underground stuff that I have on sale, besides the bootleg that I have of "Back to Olympus".

I also have a different version of "Return to Olympus", called "Original Remixes", my friend from Italy helped me design the cover. Actually, she designed the whole site for me. Anyhow, that features the original mix that we did back then, before "Return to Olympus" came out.

"Furs and Buds" is a copy of a tape that we were passing out in '85 I think....and "Freedom" is actually something we were passing out too, but it wasn't originally called "Freedom"...I think it was called "Devils and Demons", or something like that....I can't remember. Anyway, I found the cassette laying around and I encoded it, because "Freedom" was one of the songs that was the title cut. Actually "Furs and Buds" was a fairly widely released tape that we passed out, but "Freedom" wasn't, it's just from the same era and it's got some really cool songs on it too.

Untitled Demo is all Andy and it's just solo, piano kind of stuff, his experimental L'Andrew kind of stuff.

Original remixes has a cut that is not on "Return to Olympus", the "Bangladesh Jam"...Andy played guitar and I played bass on. It doesn't have the live track that is on "Return to Olympus"...and the sound is totally different.

Then there is the DVD called "High School Video" and that is four different shows. I need to get on the website and change that, because it doesn't state that there are four shows on there and it's really put together a nice interface.

FIBM:  Tell us a little bit about the Andrew Wood Story, the DVD release.

Kevin Wood:   It's not available to buy yet. The guy who produced it is still shopping it around. It has been playing here and there around the country here and there at little festivals. It's great. All the interviews with Andy's friends, bandmates and family, it's really quite an amazing film. Even if you have never heard of Andy, people would like it. The soundtrack for it is AWESOME. Lots of Mother Love Bone, Malfunkshun and Andy's solo material.

FIBM:  Was the official "Return to Olympus" cd, released on your label?

Kevin Wood:   No, that was on Loose Groove. That was on Stone Gossard's label. He put out two discs from Devilhead, which is me and my brother Brian. I am selling that on my site as well. It's some good's amazing, it's way different than what was trendy in Seattle in the 90's. We really had some high hopes with that Devilhead stuff. You either loved it or you hated it, but a lot of people loved it. Devilhead evolved from my band Fireants, which had me & my brother Brian along with Chad Channing and we put out a disc on an indie label...I'm actually selling copies of that on my site as well. Not many people have heard of it, but people who hear it, like it.

FIBM:  Any memories stand out from the "Return of Olympus" recording sessions.

Kevin Wood:   It was fun, we had a great time recording...I have a memory of me drinking a six pack of Heineken while tracking. Really smooth session, all four sessions. Actually we almost blew off the first session because we couldn't get a ride to the studio. So "Mike" Jack Endino came and gave us a ride to the studio in his truck, so we could record. We were really disorganized.

FIBM:  Mike Jack Endino?

Kevin Wood:   Yeah, well everyone calls him Jack Endino, his full name is Mike Jack Endino. He recorded just about every band in Seattle during that time, including Nirvana "Bleach".

FIBM:  3 most fond memories of your days in Malfunkshun.

Kevin Wood:   My most fond memory was the feeling know...we were doing a show opening for Red Cross, we were all sitting backstage and there was a feeling of yea, this is where I want to be....a good feeling of joy...I was there with the other artists, we were hanging out and it was a close knit kind of feeling you get when you're in production and doing things with other people, you have a common goal and a good feeling and good vibe. Just being a part of it and working with Andy...I mean me and Regan were really lucky to have the opportunity to play with Andy. The guys in Mother Love Bone and Pearl Jam will probably tell you the same thing....being a part of his world was the best thing about it. Being around him and being around the music and the stuff that he was involved made it seem like it was way more of a bigger was really special.

FIBM:  Can you explain why it felt so special?

Kevin Wood:   It was just like a feeling of being grateful and gratitude towards fortune.

FIBM:  and you remember feeling that back then?

Kevin Wood:   Oh yeah, being a part of it, the privilege of enjoying the same space and time. It was just an energetic and fun thing...not everyone could be backstage and not everyone could be there doing that and being part of the nucleus of what was going on. It was a privilege and I felt grateful about that.
FIBM:  3 low points of Malfunkshun.

Kevin Wood:  Just when it dissolved, that was the low point.

FIBM:  How did Malfunkshun dissolve?

Kevin Wood:   Andy and Regan were messing around and playing with Stone (Gossard) and Jeff (Ament) and doing some covers. I don't know if you ever experienced their band, Green River, but they were just a really.....they didn't fit together, they really weren't cohesive. Anyhow, they (Andy, Regan, Stone, Jeff) started hanging out and began as a cover band and then it just evolved into, let's record some demos and they did and it got a really great response and reviews. Then they dumped Regan and got Greg Gilmore....and the rest is history.

FIBM:  But there was not a specific point that Malfunkshun officially broke up?

Kevin Wood:   No, no one ever said never really was over...we just couldn't do it while Andy was doing his thing.


FIBM:  In Andrew's last interview, which was just after Mother Love Bone cut Apple, he comments that when he gets some downtime he wanted to work with you again and said that he felt bad about leaving you.

Kevin Wood:  Yeah, we were working on some stuff actually, before he died, we were doing some preproduction recordings for some songs that he was writing...I was playing guitar, it was coming along pretty well too; we were having a good time....coming up with some pretty good stuff. Actually Me, Andy and Regan met on the street, by chance, on the street, on the 3rd of March, when I was coming back from one of our sessions, where me & Andy had been working on that was 3-3-3 day. You know, that was Malfunkshun's number. The 3 power of Malfunkshun. You see that all over the place from the Malfunkshun days. So the three of us meet, by chance, on the street on the date 3 / 3, then us 3. That was the last time I saw Andy alive, it was the last time we were ever together.

FIBM:   Describe a typical day in the life of Kevin Wood at the height of Malfunkshun.

Kevin Wood:   A typical day, I go to work at a chinese restaurant and cut up chickens all day. Drink a half case of beer and jam some rock n roll, until 2 in the morning.

FIBM:  Describe Andrew Wood, as a child, as an adult.

Kevin Wood:   Always making people laugh and trying to entertain people. He was always on, he was always, always entertaining.

FIBM:  Even as a child?

Kevin Wood:   Yes, even as a far back as I can remember.

FIBM:  Was he your younger brother?

Kevin Wood:   Yes, I was four year older than him.

FIBM:  What was the songwriting process like between you & Andy.

Kevin Wood:   Well, I would play some riffs on guitar and he would make up some words for them, or he would make up the whole thing on bass and I would just add guitar. Most of the time we were doing his material, because he would make up songs complete with lyrics and bass lines. That's the way it worked for Malfunkshun for the most part...although I did write a lot of material in Malfunkshun, but most of it was Andy.

FIBM:   When did Andrew start playing piano?

Kevin Wood:   Oh, he was really young, probably seven or so.

FIBM:   But he didn't play much piano in Malfunkshun, right?

Kevin Wood:   No, he didn't have one (laugh) that was the big problem. But he got one at the end of the run there, he got a Fender Rhodes and used that on stage the last couple of years....that was a bitch to haul around.

FIBM:   What was the Seattle scene like in the late 80's and early 90's? What was it like to be a part of at that time?

Kevin Wood:   It's hard to say because, there was a lot of excitement going on and a lot of people clammering for a deal. Especially after it popped open and Nirvana got signed and Mother Love Bone...actually it got started with Soundgarden, then Mother Love Bone and then Nirvana, and of course Pearl Jam...and then every band was poised to get a deal.

FIBM:   Like the music scene in Hollywood during the 80's.

Kevin Wood:   Oh yeah, I had a friend who moved from Michigan, he was originally from here, but moved back to try and get a deal. A lot of that was going on. A lot of bands who had no reason signing to a label. A lot of wannabe's, a lot of copycat's. But I was right in there, but of course my whole take on things is if everyone is doing it this way, I am doing it the other way. I would go out on stage, when everyone was wearing the long hair and the shorts...I would go out there in some nice pointed shoes and slacks, looking like Jimmy Page. (laughs) I could never stand to follow the trend. Even when we were playing the punk days in the early eighties, we would go out there dressed up like clowns, you know a glitter-glam thing. Kind of a KISS thing. We were definitely going a different way the whole time. I don't think I could break free of that. It's just part of who I am.

Chris Cornell & Andrew Wood

FIBM:   Weren't Andrew and Chris Cornell roommates for awhile?

Kevin Wood:   Yea, they did room together for awhile. They shared a house together in Seattle.

FIBM:   Was Soundgarden signed when they lived together?

Kevin Wood:   No, when they first started living together Soundgarden had not been signed yet. It was early on....but they did live together for enough time where I think Soundgarden did get signed. Then Andy moved on and started to do Mother Love Bone and then he got signed.

FIBM:   Do you have any memories of Chris Cornell at that time?

Kevin Wood:   Yeah, we hung out for a bit...because we practiced at the same place. He was a really soft spoken guy. I don't know too much about him. He never really opened up to me...we never got into a long conversation..we had a few words here and there. He was always kind of quiet and shy...and that's kind of the way I am, for the most part. I know Andy really revered the guy.

FIBM:   Did they ever write or work together?

Kevin Wood:   I don't know if they did or would be fun to stumble on to some of that.

FIBM:   What was Andrew's songwriting process?

Kevin Wood:   I couldn't tell you...he would just come out of his room with a song...I don't know.

FIBM:   What did you think of the Temple of the Dog release?

Kevin Wood:   I don't know...some of the songs are pretty good.

FIBM:   Why weren't you a part of it?

Kevin Wood:   That is why I have mixed feelings about it. Me and my brother Brian had been playing forever....they didn't even think to ask us to play on it. I'm sure it was partly us not being in Seattle all the time. I always thought that it would have been a pretty cool thing to do, but it's all said and done.

FIBM:   Any memories come to mind when Andrew was recording Apple? I know you already said that you did not hang out with him much, but did he ever call you and tell you how things were going?

Kevin Wood:   Yeah, we didn't talk much. I know he was in Sausalito doing the Apple cd, he was there during the earthquake. He told me that we was hanging out with Carlos Santana a little bit. But we didn't talk too much about it. For me, Mother Love Bone was a bit of a sore spot...the whole idea when Green River broke up was to have Jeff & Stoney join Malfunkshun, but it turned out the other way around and I got kind of left on the sidelines. I didn't really feel too cheery and I didn't really want to hear about it. (laughs) My mom would come over and tell me all of his stories and news about Andy and what he was doing...and I said, you know what mom, I don't want to hear about it..she got all pissed off at me, "you should be happy for your brother, blah, blah, blah" and I'm thinking, yea he fucked me over and left me out in nowhere land, just kind of ruined my whole plan. But that was then, it's all water under the bridge. Kurt Cobain asked me to join Nirvana at one time and I didn't do that....I didn't even consider it for a minute...I mean he didn't actually ask me to join the band, but he asked me to come and jam, because they were looking for another guitar player. But I passed up on it. At the time, I was listening to their demo tapes and they sounded really raunchy, it's not really my style at all. But they did ask me...who knows.

FIBM:   What was Kurt like?

Kevin Wood:   Just a regular guy; kind of quiet kid. I didn't really hang out with him though. Actually Chad Channing and Kurt hooked up at Malfunkshun's last show. Then a couple of weeks later, Chad came up to me and told me that Kurt had invited me to jam. But I didn't think it would tie in with what Kurt was I passed up on it.

FIBM:   Any regrets about that?

Kevin Wood:   (LAUGHS) Yeah, of course. But who's to know, you know.

FIBM:   If it's any consolation, It seemed like he tortured everyone in the band.

Kevin Wood:   Yeah, I was not privy to that kind of exposure to what was going on. I do know that Chad, before his PAY DAY came in, was beside himself with remorse about losing that job, right in the early 90's when Nirvana really took off....oh man, it was just unthinkable. But you know, he is still getting paid for that now, then he started to get money coming in...and lots of it. He won't ever have to work again, you know, he's set up.

FIBM:   Now did he quit?

Kevin Wood:   I had heard he got kicked out. But can you imagine being kicked out of a band right before the band made it super, mega-platinum. Devastating.

FIBM:   What was that following year like for you, after your brother passed away?

Kevin Wood:   Andrew died in 1990 and by 1991 I was in the Fire Ants playing gigs, but it definitely took a long time to get able to function normally, after a tragedy like that, of course. I mean, to this day I still can get choked up, when I think about it. It's still hard to take, but time kind of smooths things out...But yea, it doesn't take much to sit yourself back there....that film man, that was torture to have to sit through that thing twice. I was hanging on for dear life; it brought out so many emotions...yea, you know my mom and my was too much to take.

FIBM:   Kevin Wood is transported back to the year 1987, is there anything you would do differently?

Kevin Wood:   Yeah. I probably would have spoke my mind about getting Jeff and Stone in Malfunkshun...I just kind of let that thing happen. I would of screamed and hollered. I would have taken Andy's arm or something when I saw that he was going overboard with the drugs.

Kevin and Andrew Wood


FIBM:  What is your most disgusting habit?

Kevin Wood:  pulling my nose hair

FIBM:  What is the most feminine thing you do?

Kevin Wood:  I fuss around with my hair a lot

FIBM:  If there is a God, what is the first question you would ask God when you arrive?

Kevin Wood:  Is there really a devil?

FIBM:  Greatest Rock band of all time?

Kevin Wood:  Led Zeppelin

FIBM:  What were you doing 40 minutes before you sat down to do this interview?

Kevin Wood:  cooking burritos for my kids.

"Oh yeah, being a part of it, the privilege of enjoying the same space and time.
It was a privilege and I felt grateful about that." - Kevin Wood

Whenever we pass on from this life and begin to see all the great things that our generation experienced....well, I mean think about it, most of the people who started rock n roll are still living....then keep thinking about it.....think about old people that are still alive and what they have just goes on and on. Somewhere in there you should see Andrew Wood for what he was; one of the true, pure greats. Everybody please rise and help me salute Captain Hi-top and the closest to him, Kevin Wood. What an honor that was. -AI

Absolutely, do not forget to visit Kevin at his site, if you are a fan, you too might think you have stumbled onto the holy land. Rare release after rare release, he has it all, plus lots more great photos of Malfunkshun and Mother Love Bone.

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