"Fast" Eddie Clarke

Eddie Clarke is most famous for being the guitarist of the British heavy metal band Motorhead and the band Fastway. Eddie was born on October 5, 1950 in Twickenham, London. He began playing guitar at a young age and by the time he was fifteen had played in many local acts. In 1973, he had his first professinal gig as a guitarist in Curtis Knight's (Knight's claim to fame was Jimi Hendrix played in his group) band, Zeus. Clarke also played with other bands such as Blue Goose and Continuous Performance.

While Clarke was working on a job re-fitting a houseboat, he met a drummer by the name of Phil Taylor. At the time Taylor was playing for a band named Motorhead. Phil eventually introduced Eddie to Lemmy and soon Eddie began to play with the band. It wasn't long before Motorhead began gaining momentum in the UK. The classic line-up of Motorhead featured Lemmy Kilmister, Eddie Clarke, and Phil Taylor. Together the three have released some of their most major albums such as "Motorhead", "Ace Of Spades" and "No Sleep 'till Hammersmith". Eddie even handled the vocals on a few songs as well, such as "Beer Drinker and Hell Raisers" and "I'm Your Witchdoctor".

In 1982, Clarke leaves Motorhead due to the band recording the Tammy Wynette song, "Stand by Your Man". The song would pair Motorhead with Plasmatics vocalist Wendy O. Williams. Eddie felt it compromised principles, left the band and formed Fastway. In 1982, Clarke left as a consequence of the band recording Stand By Your Man, a cover version of the Tammy Wynette classic, in collaboration with Wendy O. Williams and the Plasmatics. Clarke felt that this compromised the band's principles, refused to play on the recording and resigned. later forming his own band, Fastway with UFO bassist Pete Way.

After his departure, Motorhead hired former Thin Lizzy guitarist Brian Robertson and Eddie did not play with the band again until their 2003 release, "Live at Brixton Academy". He was one of many other special appearances on the live album.

After leaving Motorhead, Eddie formed a band called Fastway with UFO bassist Pete Way. Initially, using Clash drummer, Topper Headon, they soon recruited Humble Pie drummer Jerry Shirley and unknown vocalist Dave King.

As quickly as the group got a record contract, Pete Way jumped ship after an offer came in to join Ozzy Osbourne's band on the "Blizzard of Ozz" tour. Consequently, session bassist, Mick Feak, actually did the recording on their debut self-titled album. With the help of their hit single, "Say What You Will", the band quickly became a commercial success.

Fastway also did a sountrack to the movie, "Trick or Treat", featuring Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne. The movie flopped, but the soundtrack was a success, staying on Billboard's Top 200 for 11 months.

In the late eighties, Eddie Clarke experienced some serious health problems, due to extreme alcholism. Latest reports hint at a new Fastway release in the future.

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Guitars & Pickups
Eddie used a 1970's Fender Stratocaster with Dimarzio X2N Pickup at the bridge, Standard Middle pickup, and SDS1 at the neck. He endorsed Marshall Amplifier's.

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"Fast" Eddie Clarke Discography

Motorhead - 1977
Overkill - 1979
Bomber - 1979
Ace of Spades - 1980
No Sleep 'til Hammersmith - 1981
Iron Fist - 1982
Live at Brixton Academy - 2003
BBC Live & In-Session - 2005

Fastway - 1983
All Fired Up - 1984
Waiting for the Roar - 1986
Trick Or Treat (soundtrack album) - 1986
On Target - 1988
On Target - 1990
On Target / Bad, Bad Girls - 1992

Curtis Knight - Zeus
The Second Coming - 1974
Sea Of Time - 1974
The Second Coming - 2009

Solo / Other
The Muggers - The Muggers Tapes - 1993
Solo album - It Ain't Over Till It's Over - 1993