dave lepard

Crashdiet vocalist
Dave Lepard


Dave Lepard was found dead on the Friday morning, 01/20/06. It has now been confirmed, official cause of death is the Crashdiet vocalist hanged himself.
Chris Laney, who produced Crashdiet's latest release had this to say, "I have worked with Dave for 3 years, The rock scene lost a great talent today...One of my hopes for the rock future"

Joint statement was released by former bandmates, Martin Sweet, Peter London and Eric Young, "As a bandmember, but most of all as a person, we will miss him for all eternity. Dave was nothing but a genius and a very special person. CRASHDIET will definitely not continue as a band. CRASHDIET consisted of four people and now one has left us."
Farewell Dave

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"Now the smokes starts to clear around his death. He was a lovable maniac hehehe A music fan more than a star... I can tell you that when Zan Clan opened for Crashdiet, he was in front of the stage headbanging all sweaty and screamin...so when he was about to go on stage he was all screwed up hahaha..." - Chris Laney

Read Chris Laney's letter to Dave.

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