dave lepard

Crashdiet vocalist
Dave Lepard

Dave Lepard, whose real name was Dave Hellman, was found dead on the Friday morning, 01/20/06. It has now been confirmed, official cause of death is the Crashdiet vocalist hanged himself. He was only 25 years old.
Chris Laney, who produced

Crashdiet's latest release, wrote this posthumous letter to Dave,

-Letter to Dave from Chris Laney-
A Genious? A Maniac? An Enemy? A Friend?

Dave Lepard....... man, can't say what I feel...would like to bitchslap you now...
This ain't ROCK...you wanted to go out with a bang, well you left us all with a big "?" instead....
Man, That ain't rock!
What about the future, what about changing the music scene? what about standing united?
What about showing the kids what true rock is all about? What about US makin history?
There is a" riot in everyone", but some seem to handle it and some don't
I miss you, I hate you , I love you...

BUT, may the rest of the band keep on the work you started but weren't strong enough to fulfill. THE BAND is something to live for....

I know you had problems, but hey, that's life!!!
How many times didn't you n I fight, how many times didn't we hug and
say, we are just the same...
Guess what, I'm still here...You are not!

You are missed and not forgotten, but I hope as hell people won't
make you a saint for what you just did...I hope they are
smart enough to listen to what you MADE instead.

All I can say....
Leopardiz, I have cried, I cried like a baby today BUT...I won't no
more... Pain don't hurt but hurting is pain, and I am hurting...

I will carry on what I was put on this earth to do, and right now that is to be with the ones I love...and those I'm allowed to hate as well It's all a game...You're out / I'm in... I win...

See ya in about 50 years, I know you will have another new track for us to work on and a new world to conquer and I sure hope you have collected a few new cool Stryper DVD's and have the beer cold when I arrive... But now I have a life to live, and I will live it to the maxxx

Love you, Hate you