KISS, UNION, ESP guitarist
Bruce Kulick

FIB MUSIC:  What's new, what have you been up to lately and what's in the future?

Bruce:  Been doing some Grand Funk shows again and writing for my next solo disc.

FIB MUSIC:   Can you tell us a little history on how your brother Bob began working with KISS.

Bruce:  Bob was friends with Paul, as he orginally auditioned for KISS. He ran into them years later and became friends and Bob always told them to put me in the band if Ace was giving them issues.

FIB MUSIC:  Doesn't Bob play on the KISS Alive II album? What was going on with Ace at that time? Any memories come to mind from that time, in your own life?

Bruce:  From what I heard, Ace was not willing or capable. I was playing but Bob had the KISS connection.

Bruce Kulick, Paul Stanley, Eric Carr, Gene Simmons

FIB MUSIC:  Have you ever hung out with Ace? Did you get along? How would you describe him?

Bruce:   Met him at MTV Unplugged.. he was very cool with me. He is the real Space Ace!

FIB MUSIC:   How did you become involved with KISS? Did you audition, were you already friends?

  From Bob, that made it easy for me to walk in to help them out. I wouldnt say I was Paul's friend but he knew me as I always tagged along with Bob and him.
FIB MUSIC:  How was it working with Paul Stanley for all those years? What is he like as a person, musician, friend?

Bruce:  Paul is very creative and very funny at times at others expense. But I do consider him a friend.

FIB MUSIC:  How about Gene?

Bruce:  Gene is all about work and money and he really doesnt have "friends" although he has been very generous to me and some people around me.

FIB MUSIC:   Any memories stand out from the Asylum recording sessions? What was that like for you?

Bruce:  Learning experience for sure.... I just did what they wanted. So I was the worker bee.

FIB MUSIC:  Did you ever feel frustrated while you were in KISS? Or were you always happy with your role in the band?

Bruce:  I knew my role in the band, and it was a great experience. Sure I wished some things were different but it was an amazing gig to have and for 12 years!

FIB MUSIC:   Tell us about your first gig with KISS. When, where was it? Any moments stand out from that night?

Bruce:   In England and my legs were shaking!

FIB MUSIC:  What is your favorite KISS release / releases, Pre-Bruce? What is your favorite KISS release during your days?....and why?

Bruce:  I thought Destroyer was a great disc. I loved Revenge of course because it is the best non makeup KISS disc.

FIB MUSIC:   What has it been like to work with John Corabi? How would you describe him as a person, musician, friend?

Bruce:  John is creative and honest, and he's not as confident as he should be. He is a great guy and loves the fans. Very talented.

FIB MUSIC:  Any chance of a KISS reunion (w/ you)? Union reunion? ESP reunion?

Bruce:  Not sure about Kiss, UNION we have reunited for shows, go to my web site.. and the same for ESP .. we have been doing shows.

FIB MUSIC:  We interviewed Chris Laney? What was he like to work with?

Bruce:   Very talented ... he is great!

FIB MUSIC:  Anything else you would like to add or promote?

Bruce:  Visit my site as I always have news coming there. There will be a new instructional video to see from me.. I do Kiss songs.

Sorry for posting an interview with not much meat to it, but originally Bruce told us to just send 10 questions. Normally, we will tell you to piss off, but, well, how do I say this.....HE WAS IN KISS. Naturally, we said ok, but not before trying to extend the interview; he wasn't going for it. So we wrote 15 questions and told him to pick ten and what do you know, he answered all 15 and left us all
wondering why we didn't send 30. see you next week. -AI

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