Tips For Hiring a DJ for Your Wedding
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Hiring a Wedding DJ

Selecting a DJ for a wedding ceremony is an important factor in the success of the event. A disk jockey, at least a professional one can serve many functions including Master of ceremonies, music programmer and they can even coordinate the reception. Communication between wedding organizers and the DJ is vital as the DJ will, in essence, represent the wedding party to the guests. The following tips should help you to find a suitable, professional DJ for your wedding.

Make sure the DJ uses professional audio equipment
Professional equipment is vital to a DJ's ability to mix music well. Some DJ's maintain that their personality is all that matters but when your guests begin to dance at the reception, it is the DJ's responsibility to create energy and enhance the mood with his mixes. The quality of the music can make or break a reception. The DJ you hire should also have a wireless microphone. This makes it possible for anyone making toasts or speeches to move around the room instead of being stuck behind a podium or a table which provides for the best wedding photos.

Ask about back-up equipment
Your wedding is too important to allow equipment breakdowns to ruin the party. Ask potential DJs if they have back-up amplifiers, CD players and cables. Though rare, some couples have had their special night ruined due to equipment failure.

Verify Liability Insurance
Though not every location you may choose for your event requires it, it is a good idea to make sure your DJ has liability insurance, just in case. It also speaks to a DJ's professionalism and the legitimacy of his business if he carries it.

Check References
It is a good idea to ask for and contact references from a DJ before hiring him. Client references can offer insight into the mood and the DJ's performance at their wedding; and business references can be a good indicator into how well the DJ works with the rest of the event staff.

Ask if the DJ belongs to a trade organization
This is not vital to finding a good DJ, but it certainly can improve your chances. DJ trade organizations usually hold regular meetings to keep their members informed about current musical trends and breakthroughs in technology as well as providing tools for DJs to become better entertainers and more professional business owners.

Ask about song requests
Good DJs are generally happy to take requests from you and your guests. If they do not, it could speak to a limited musical collection or musical knowledge. Ask about a DJs policy regarding song lists and audience requests. If, on the other hand, dancing is not as important as an overall mood, make sure to discuss what you have in mind with the DJ and ask how he could accommodate your wishes.

Previous experience with weddings
Weddings are very unique ceremonies and as such experience with wedding protocol is vital to a DJ's ability to create mood and flow during the event and communicate to the guests appropriately. There is a common misnomer that celebrity DJ's from radio or club DJ's are better than mobile DJs. This is generally untrue as mobile DJs usually have more experience with coordinating wedding receptions and communicating to a live audience in person.

Ask if they can dress appropriately
Some DJs will insist that a certain style of dress is part of their performance, so make sure they will possess or be willing to acquire attire appropriate to your ceremony. It can be an eyesore and a drag on the entire ceremony if everybody is dressed in tuxedos and gowns while the DJ has on hippie clothes or gangsta rap attire.

Time of Arrival
Make sure to ask your DJ to arrive in plenty of time to set up before guests arrive.

Written contracts and specific DJ guarantees
Some DJs work for companies that have several DJs that they employ. These companies will generally require a written agreement when you hire them. If you've selected a specific DJ, make sure it is in the agreement that that DJ will be there. If possible, it is a good idea to meet with your DJ and get to know them, since they will be representing you on your big day. Some companies offer videos of their DJ's past gigs which can be a valuable tool in selecting a DJ.

Price and services offered
Typical fees for disc jockeys range from $750 to $2900. For this you should expect a provided sound system, an emcee, ample music collection, coordination with event organizers prior to the wedding and four to six hours of service. Some DJs offer additional services such as effect lighting, party novelties, and additional sound systems if required.

Hopefully these tips will help make your special day one for all to remember. If you are looking for a recommended San Diego DJ, please visit this location.

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