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A meeting of the financial minds has resulted in the early prognosis which looks forward to the end of the worst economic decline since the Great Depression of the 1930's. After two months in office President Obama's administration has assembled a gaggle of financial experts ranging from Dow Jones officials to mortgage brokers, to determine the impact of the government's actions including the seven hundred and eighty seven billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. A consensus among researchers has been that virtually every region of the US and every sector of the economy has been affected detrimentally by an unprecedented and apparently universal recession.

The good news of the Summits findings is that the end is near; there is an economic light at the end of the dark tunnel. This recession expiration date has been set near the end of 2010, with an unemployment rate peaking at ten percent. The opinions are that without the stimulus bill the recession would have continued downward toward a deep depression, with further job losses pushing the unemployment rate even higher than currently expected to twelve percent.

When analysts examined the government's spending plan and the sectors of the economy on which the bill has concentrated effort, they seem encouraged about several things. One being the perception or attitudes toward recovery, this is a confidence factor for the individual investor, as well as giant credit markets.

Another reason for the end-is-near predictions being the large number of jobs created or saved in the infrastructure sector. The bill allocates fifty billion dollars on bridges, roads, and infrastructure for utilities. Companies that own assets in equipment used for bridge building and energy creation are prime targets for growth and investment. Another reason the road builders and heavy equipment construction companies stand to benefit in 2009 is the fact that Congress must renew a national transportation bill that could amount to hundreds of billions of dollars toward the same goal of infrastructure over the next few years.

This makes the infrastructure sector the darling of investments for investors globally, and similar stimulus plans have been produced by Canada, countries in South America, countries in Europe, China and Australia.

Investors are watching closely for these kinds of investment opportunities arising from the economic recovery bill. The stimulus is also expected to drive amazing growth in areas of bio-fuel and renewable green energy production. Solar and wind power generation are probably two of the most well known methods of "green" energy, however giant leaps have been made in the artificial generation of higher octane, higher distillations of petroleum products, like diesel and airplane fuel. Investments in the technology of generating more efficient fuels are expected to reap rewards in the near future.

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