Fixing PC Problems
- The Bonez

Do you as a relatively confident and educated person often hold your breath as you depress the power switch on you desktop computer, silently exhaling a prayer of thanks as the box whirs to life? Or do you adversely mumble profanities as one of the following occurs:

1. Either the machine won't turn on at all or the machine will but the monitor won't.

2. It comes to life but won't boot up from the hard drive.

3. Windows won't load or crashes quickly thereafter.

With a few caveats to keep in mind there may some actions that ordinary computer users might take that does not include an engineering degree from a highly technical University. First, although computers have become much more economical with the numbers of manufacturers and competition and market supply, they are still a relatively hefty purchase. And as a corollary to cost, is the cost of highly technical computer repair. However, there are at least a few ways to narrow down the field of a myriad of problems your machine might be experiencing.

First we'll call these warnings, Before Breaking into the Box. Equally appropriate title could be Check the Common Sense Stuff First.

1. Check the warranty, if covered, mail it to the manufacturer, Cracking the box often voids the warranty.

2. Check online for tech support, sometimes there are phone numbers too.

3. Check your documentation for the machine, there is probably a manual.

4. If you PC has power issues, check different outlets in your home or business. It might be an electrical issue such as a blown or shorted breaker.

5. With all power issues, check the cord to the pc and the connection may be loose, or try a different power cord.

6. Check the power supply for switches for different power voltages, its possible the location of the switch is described in the manual.

7. If you basic problem seems to be the monitor, repeat the steps 4-7 for the monitor.

8. Understand that this is a process of elimination and check the monitor cable from the PC and make certain the pinned end is tightly screwed into the back of the PC.

9. Check contrast and brightness controls.

10. Plug in a working monitor if you have to borrow one. If that works, you are in the market for a new monitor, or price around for technical repair to your old one.

11. If your Windows splash screen does not display, check all media drives and remove any discs or cards that may have bootable data impeding a proper boot up. Then restart the computer.

12. If you witness the Bios Power-on Self Test or Bios Post and still no windows I consider this more technical because you might be able to restore to a prior configuration in Windows Safe Mode but lose data or software more recently installed. If none of the simplest of tests, restarts, checking cables, and checking power supplies does not work, I wouldn't panic yet because there are several more advanced steps that can be covered later. But the main thing to keep in mind is this is a basic diagnostic process and many things can be determined and eliminated due to trial and error.

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