Tony MacAlpine

Tony Jeff MacAlpine was born on Augusy 29, 1960 and is an American guitar player and keyboardist. Tony has released ten solo studio albums over twenty years, most are known for being instrumentals.

Before Tony ever picked up a guitar he was studying to be a classical violin player as well as pianist. He has played piano on all of his solo albums and some other musicians as well. One of Tony's biggest musical influences is Frederic Chopin, a pianist and music composer. Tony has given tribute to Chopin in some of his solo work. The only album that Tony has not paid tribute to Chopin is his 1990 "Eyes of the World". But besides that one album, Tony has had at least one Piano/keyboard instrumental on every solo album up until 2001.

Tony played a big role in the 1980's Neo-Classical metal. MacAlpine became known for combining shred, blues, and jazz fusion all into one genre. His first two solo albums, "Edge of Insanity" and "Maximum Security" show MacAlpine combining these genres, contributing to the beginning of neo-classical metal. MacAlpine has also played on other artists' albums throughout the 1980's "shred era" such as Joey Tafolla's "Out of the Sun" in 1987 and Vinnie Moore's "Mind's Eye" in 1986. Other contributions include keyboardist Vitalij Kuprij and Derek Sherinian in the band Planet X. Tony also played in the supergroup, M.A.R.S. - Project Driver, which featured Tommy Aldridge on Drums, Rob Rock on vocals, Rudy Sarzo on bass and MacAlpine on guitars.

Tony also has a non-instrumental album on which he handles the vocal duties. The album is "Master of Paradise" and it was released in 1999. Recently Tony has played live with Steve Vai's touring band The Breed. Tony can be seen in the band's "Live at Astoria London" DVD as well as two G3 DVD's "G3:Live in Denver" and "G3: Live in Tokyo"

In 2009, it was said that MacAlpine will be rejoining Planet X. The band will be releasing a new album and touring later in the year.

Tony MacAlpine Gear

Guitars & Pickups
Ibanez RG-series 7-string w/ Ernie Ball Strings
Carvin DC-127c - TC-747 carbon-string guitars
Throughout his career, Tony has played BC Rich (Warlock, Assassin), Washburn (MG Series), Peavey Destiny
Seymour Duncan Pickups

Carvin Legacy
Marshall Amps
Two 100 watt legacy heads, on 50 watt mode

Specially made George Denis Wah pedal
Boss volume pedal
TCR digital delay unit

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Tony MacAlpine Discography

Solo Recordings
Edge of Insanity (1986)
Maximum Security (1987)
Eyes of the World (1990)
Freedom to Fly (1992)
Madness (1993)
Premonition (1994)
Evolution (1995)
Violent Machine (1996)
Live Insanity (live album) (1997)
Master of Paradise (1999)
Chromaticity (2001)
Tony MacAlpine Collection: The Shrapnel Years (compilation album) (2006)

M.A.R.S. - Project Driver (MacAlpine/Aldridge/Rock/Sarzo)
Project: Driver (1986)

Planet X
Universe (2000)
Live from Oz (2002)
MoonBabies (2002)

CAB (2000)
CAB 2 (2001)
CAB 4 (2003)
Theatre de Marionnettes (2008)

Ring of Fire
Dreamtower (2003)
Burning Live in Tokyo (2004)
Lapse of Reality (2004)

Devil's Slingshot
Clinophobia (2007)

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