These are just a few of the top 111 and although, the majority of songs consist of pop artists - Metal, Glam and straight up Rock -n Roll were not safe from the wimpy list of wussy songs. Creed, Dave Matthews, the Replacements and even Tupac made the list.

99. "Don't Cry" - GUNS N' ROSES (1991)
76. "To Be With You" - MR. BIG (1991)
36. "Beth" - KISS (1976)
27. "More Than Words" - EXTREME (1991)
05. "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" - POISON (1988)

Editors at AOL explain the selection process as "This list was compiled by real-live wusses (and some who have actually dated wusses) from Los Angeles (Bread country) to Dublin (land of Gilbert O'Sullivan). Our panel of wussperts limited the selections to songs from -- and relevant to -- the rock 'n' roll era: no '40s crooners, no show tunes, no Anne Murray. When compiling, we picked one selection to represent each artist: If you want 15 Barry Manilow numbers, please buy his greatest hits. Most importantly, the songs were selected for their inherent wussness, regardless of

quality. Some are loathed, some are cherished (doh, we forgot 'Cherish'!) . . . " To view the entire list, listen to song samples and to read explanations for why each song was selected, go HERE.

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